What Causes Spark Plug Electrode To Bend | The True Cause

The worst situation is when you get ready to leave for work, but your car won’t start. And when the problem is with the spark plug, your day will be wasted by taking your car to the service station.

A spark plug problem means the electrode is either bent, broken, or misplaced. In most cases, the spark plug electrode gets bent. The possible reasons for this issue are wrong installations, overheating issues, plugs not properly seated in their places, and more. We have discussed all these points in detail. Furthermore, we have described what happens when a spark plug bends.

In the end, we have attached some commonly asked questions regarding spark plugs. That will give you more insight.

What Causes A Spark Plug Electrode To Bend?

Your spark plug bending could be caused by a myriad of factors. However, some are fairly typical and repetitive. All of the common causes of spark plug bending are discussed in this section.

Rod Bearing Failure

The thing that connects the piston and the crankshaft is called the rod bearing. Rod bearing failure is one of the most common reasons for electrode bend.

Therefore, when the rod bearing fails, it forces the piston to travel further inside. If the piston reaches deeper than it should, it will collide with the spark plug electrode. When it hits the spark plug, it breaks or damages the electrode.

Why exactly does a rod bearing fail? It fails when you don’t use the required lubricant.

When It Gets Overheated

Sometimes the spark plug doesn’t work in one go. So we keep pushing it to work. This behavior makes the spark plug overheat. As a result, when it becomes overheated, it begins to melt or its function is compromised.

Although it may seem surprising that this heat can cause the spark plug electrode to melt, it happens. Continuous pushing is not the only cause of this; it also occurs because of the extremely hot interior.

Dropping the Spark Plug

Dropping the spark plug sounds silly, but it is a real problem though. You won’t believe how many people drop their spark plug electrodes, resulting in their destruction.

Basically, the spark plug is a strong construction, no doubt, but the electrode part is a little softer and easily breakable. So, when you accidentally drop it or hit it with something hard, it will surely break or separate from the body.

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Plug Not Properly Installed

When the spark plug is not properly installed, it means the plug has loosened. There will be a mishap. Your plug electrode will break or bend for sure. On top of that, there is a greater chance that the whole spark will be blown.

So installation needs to be done appropriately. Make sure all the nuts are perfectly adjusted, and the plug is seated in its place tightly.

Besides this, we also make similar silly mistakes. We install the incorrect spark plug, and as a result, it starts to exhibit flaws just after one or two runs.

Worn Oil Pump Pickup Screen

Build up carbon  on the spark plug's electrodes

If your oil pump pickup screen is worn, it won’t be able to filter out as much debris from your engine’s oil supply. This can cause carbon deposits to build up on the spark plug’s electrodes, leading them to bend over time. So check and replace your oil pump pickup screen when it wears out so this doesn’t happen again

What Happens When a Spark Plug Bends?

When you figure that the problem is coming from the spark plug. The first thing you need to do is to check the damage. You’ve to check if it is totally damaged or just misplaced.

If the case is the first one, then there is no other way but to replace it. But when replacing it, make sure it’s the right spark plug set. And for installation, give it to a professional.

However, if the case is the second one, it’s just misplaced. In these circumstances, you need to reinstall the plug again.


Here are some common questions regarding spark plug bent. I hope it will give you more insights.

Is it hard to remove a stuck spark plug from an aluminum head?

Yes, it’s pretty tough, no doubt. But if you have prior knowledge and you regularly fix your car. You are probably able to understand how to remove a stuck spark plug from an aluminum head in just a few steps.

What would melt the tip of a spark plug?

There are two possible reasons for this problem. The first one would be when the engine gets overheated. Second, when you keep pushing your faulty spark plug to work. Most people are affected by the first of these two reasons.

So what can you do to save your spark plug from melting? You just need to stop overdriving. Take a break after a long ride, and let your engine cool down. Other than this, there is no better way.

Does detonation cause any problems for the spark plug?

Yes, it does. When there is too much heat inside the combustion chamber, a detonation occurs. It causes a variety of issues, including blown spark plugs. If this happens, you need to replace your spark plug.

What Causes Spark Plug Tip Close?

There are a number of reasons why a spark plug tip may close. The most common reason is when the spark plug becomes contaminated. This can happen if oil leaks onto the threads of the spark plug, or if dirt and other debris get caught in between threads during installation.

Another possible cause of closed tips is over-torquing or overtightening of your spark plugs.

Final Words

Hope now you understand exactly what causes spark plug electrode to bend. So, as you can see, there are numerous reasons for this problem. But some problems are very common and repetitive. For example, overheating, detonation, wrong installation, or using the wrong plug.

There are also a lot of problems if your spark plug is bent. You can’t start your car unless you fix it or replace it with a new one. Sometimes, if you don’t realize that your spark plug is broken, you may continue to push it, which will result in other issues.

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