How to Remove Stuck Spark Plug From Aluminum Head : problem Solved

A spark plug stuck on an aluminum head sounds like a big mess. If you don’t have any knowledge about cars, it will be a pain in the ass. The reason is that it will waste not only your money but also your time.

As a result of overuse and excessive heat, spark plugs mostly adhere to aluminum heads. However, the issue is fixable, even at home. All you need to do is be patient. We will show you how to remove stuck spark plug from aluminum head.

There will be just 3 to 4 simple and effective steps. In addition, we’ll discuss the tools and techniques required for spark plug removal. If you are able to follow them in an appropriate manner. Time and money will both be saved.

Reason for Spark Plug Stuck in Aluminium Head?

A spark plug getting stuck in an aluminum head can happen for a variety of reasons. The following is a frequently occurring daily list of reasons.


The reason why spark plugs are jammed is known to you guys. Corrosion forms on your car’s spark plug and other parts when it hasn’t been touched for a very long time. To fix this, you need to replace your spark plug.

High Temperature

High temperatures might be a reason for this issue. When you drive for a long time, the engine compartment can become very hot. Since the temperature is so high, a spark problem and aluminum head sticking are very likely. Although this is a rare occurrence, it does occur.

Carbon Buildup

To measure how well a spark plug’s aluminum head is attached, measure the amount of carbon that accumulates in it combustion chamber. Again, the cause of this problem is the same. You’ve probably not touched your car in a long time, or you haven’t had it serviced.

Required Tools To Remove Jammed Spark Plug Out of Aluminum Head

These are the common tools. This can be obtained from your neighborhood hardware or grocery store.

  • Wrench Socket
  • Penetration Oil (or any other rust remover)
  • Cloths (for cleaning)
  • Flame Maker
  • Protective Glass and Gloves (Optional)

How to Remove a Jammed Spark Plug From an Aluminum Head?

First of all, removing a jammed spark plug is not that simple if you’re a beginner. To do so, you should have prior knowledge about the car, otherwise a professional should do it. Well, if you really think you have the knowledge and you can do it.

Here is a guide for you. It’s essential to be patient when starting the process because it may take some time.

Step 1: Clean the Filthy Area

Before you begin cleaning, make sure the engine compartment is completely cool. Allow it to cool first if it’s hot. Your initial work would be to blow up the dust and dirt properly so you can easily reach out and remove the threads.

Step 2: Get A Good Rust Remover/Penetrating Oil

Most people wonder what to spray in spark plug hole. According to our findings, most people have used PB blasters as rust removers. Others have reported using peppermint oil, WD-40, and zynox. You can use any of them, but be careful with WD-40 because it’s not a penetrating oil. It’s actually a lubricant. So sometimes it shows unexpected results.

Since PB blaster isn’t a pure penetrating oil, it sometimes takes a long time to work. So it would be better if you used a good penetrating oil instead. Well, whatever you use, spray it on the rusted area. After spraying the oil, leave it in this position for at least an hour and no longer than a day.

Just remember, the more effective the oil, the quicker it will work.

Step 3: Tighten and Loosen Strategy

Now quickly clean the rust with a towel or cloth. Make sure no rust is left on the outer surface. Now you are ready to remove your spark plug. Don’t start pulling the plug because it won’t come that way.

Use your wrench socket to push it a bit to break the attachments of rust. Then gradually pull it in an upward direction. If you hear any unusual sounds while pulling, then stop. The reason is that it might break if you forcefully do this.

After that, turn it in the opposite direction to loosen it. This movement aids in removing the rusted attachments from your spark plug. It should come out after two or three attempts.

Step 4: Use Heat (Repeat the previous process until spark plug is removed).

Although spark plugs are typically taken out prior to this step. But occasionally it seems so resistant that you can’t improve it without applying heat. Heat can be applied both internally and externally.

A flame maker can be used if you want to do it externally. On the other hand, start the engine to warm it up internally. After applying the heat, it will easily come out if you pull it a little bit.

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Removing Stuck Spark Plug From Aluminum Head Using Duct Tape : Another DIY Method

Masking tape on plug remover

The duct tape method is a simple and cost-effective way to remove the stuck spark plug from an aluminum head. Why killing time, let’s dive into the process straight:

1. Take the plug wire remover and wrap a layer of duct tape around it. Make sure that the remover is not wrapped with an excessive layer of tape otherwise, it would not able to go through the plug.

(You might have to do some readjusting through this to make it thin enough because if it’s too thick it won’t fit down in there so you may have to readjust this to make it a little bit skinnier and not so thick.)

2. Put the remover down to the spark plug and tighten it so that it grips the spark plug tightly. You can use an extension for this purpose if needed.

3. Budge the remover to opposite direction. Now pull out or up on the remover, and it will remove the stuck plug easily from your vehicle’s head.

How to Remove Stuck Spark Plug From Aluminum Head-FAQs

Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below, which may make it easier for you to understand this matter.

What happens if spark plug gap is too small or too big?

To be honest, both situations are problematic. If the gap is too small, you won’t be able to create the flame to ignite your engines. Similarly, when it is too big, it won’t provide the voltage that is needed.

When a spark plug breaks and becomes stuck in an aluminum head, is the same procedure still necessary?

Yes, you can use this procedure in that circumstance as well. The steps may, however, be increased depending on the circumstances.

Final Words

Hope you get your answer regarding the question ‘how to remove stuck spark plug from aluminum head’. Frankly, the procedure is quite simple, but you must have the prior knowledge that is required.

The procedures are easy. After cleaning the area, applying the best penetrating oil, and implementing the tightening and loosening techniques. Hopefully, you will be able to see the result. However, if it’s still not coming, heat it up. Your problem will be solved.

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