Does Changing Spark Plug Wires Improve Performance : Explained

The significance of spark plugs is often overlooked in a vehicle. Thus, when coming across ignition problems and low mileage, we start to blame it on the entire vehicle itself and the manufacturer. Well, if you don’t remember the last time you changed your spark plug, it’s high time that you do.

The engine is the vehicle’s brain, in addition to the spark plugs that power it. As a consequence, it’s important to keep the plugs in shape to get the best performance out of our car.

There is simply a lot to say about them. What are the signs that your plug wires aren’t functioning properly, their estimated lifespan, and finally, does changing spark plug wires improve performance? So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Does Changing Spark Plug Wires Improve Performance?

Spark Plug Wire
Spark Plug Wire

Before we dig into anything, it’s better to give you a straight solid answer on whether changing wires helps or not. Well, changing your spark plugs can improve your car’s capabilities to a whole new level.

For engines, spark plugs are essential. The engine is powered by the plugs by igniting the fuel combination in the cylinders. Thus, setting up new wires will provide you with less pollution, a smoother gain in momentum, and a significant increase in speed.

The electrical current that flows from the ignition system to the spark plugs is carried by the wires. As a consequence, with the old wires, the engine may misfire.

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Benefits Of Changing Wires

Your engine can run more smoothly if you replace them with almost no misfires.

Installing new wires will also save you from those cold ignition problems in winter. The old wires in the spark plug require more power to begin combustion and ignite the engine. In comparison, the new ones will make it go in a single spin.

Similarly, using those rusted old wires will put intense pressure on the batteries to get your vehicle ignited. As a result, require batteries to be under constant pressure and ends up with a shorter lifespan.

Nevertheless, if you have concluded to change them, we have also covered what to do with old spark plugs. Additionally, put them to the best use possible.

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Symptoms Of Bad Wires

Now that you know how bad the rotten spark plug cables are for your vehicle let’s check out the symptoms. Knowing these symptoms will help you identify the rotten wires if you forget how long it has been since you have changed.

Earsplitting Noise From Engine

No matter how slow or fast you drive your car, you will come across intense earsplitting noises from the engine. However, there might be a lot of reasons for it, but bad spark wires are surely one of them.

Lower Mileage

You should already have a fair estimate of how far/long can a full tank can go. If you feel a change in the overall mileage section and getting way less than usual, it’s time to check the spark plug wires.

Ignition Issues

Having trouble getting your engine started? Well, there is a possibility that the spark wires have gone old and the reason for your ignition issue. It’s due to the incomplete combustion that’s happening and failing to serve power.

Check Engine

There are endless possibilities that might turn your “Check Engine” notification on. However, bad spark plug wires are certainly one of them.

Frequently Changing Batteries

Even though it depends on how rough or light you use the vehicle, a battery should last three to five years on average. However, if the batteries are lasting noticeably lower than expected, then you might want to think about changing wires instead of batteries.

If you are not interested in going to a workshop and like to do things on your own, then you might linger on how to remove the stuck spark plug from aluminum heads.

Does Changing Spark Plug Wires Improve Performance-FAQs

It’s time for the FAQ section, where you get to know a lot in the least words possible. So let’s check them out!

Is it worth changing spark plug cables?

You may save gasoline, a few bucks, and potential issues for your engine by replacing it. So, there’s no reason why you should not change them if you know the wires are causing you unbearable issues.

How often should spark plug cables be replaced?

Most cars require between 40,000 and 50,000 miles. However, some last up to 90,000. Your vehicle’s manufacturer should already have mentioned how long you should change them in the manual.

Can I change spark plugs without changing wires?

It’s not mandatory to change the wires when you change spark plugs. However, it’s better to change them as the wires play a big role in it.


So, does changing spark plug wires improve performance or not? There’s no reason not to change the wires if you know they have gone old and are not functioning properly. You will feel a big change in the performance and fuel economy section.

On the other hand, you won’t even be able to tolerate the consequences of not changing one. They are annoying and make your vehicle unusable as it coordinately works with the engine.

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