Meguiar”s Ultimate All-Wheel Cleaner G180124 Reviews

Picking up a suitable cleaner for the car’s wheel is quite a critical and crucial decision. Because choosing an inappropriate cleaner might result in damaging the wheel surface and finish. In this case, Meguiar”s ultimate all-wheel cleaner G180124 is one of the choices.

You don’t have to consider the wheel type and finish before using this cleaner. Rather, you can pick and use this cleaner without any worry of damaging the aesthetics of your car’s wheel.

The elimination of the complexity of cleaner applications makes this product customers’ favorite. And to understand better, go through the Meguiar”s ultimate all-wheel cleaner G180124 reviews that we are going to provide in this article.

Meguiar”s Ultimate All-wheel Cleaner G180124: Solution To All-Wheel Dust

Before using this product, you should figure out facts about its features, merits, and demerits of this. In this section, we are going to provide you with essential information that might help you in your buying decision.

Key Features

  • Item formation: Sodium Thioglycolate
  • Biodegradability: Non-acidic and is biodegradable
  • Volume: 24 Oz or 32 Oz
  • Ph formula state: Balanced
  • Special features: Acid-free and won’t harm the car’s surface, Contains active dissolving agents which are capable of liquefying dust quickly

Now let’s break down the aspects of the wheel cleaner so that you can understand the aspects of this cleaner well.


The major reason why it’s not harmful to the car finishes is, it doesn’t contain acid and is PH neutral. To understand this, you must have an explicit idea about acid vs. non acid wheel cleaner. An acidic wheel cleaner will give an excellent cleaning effect on wheels with heavy dirt.

But, this type of acidic cleaner might react with anodization and chrome finishes. Contrarily, non-acid wheel cleaner like Meguiar”s ultimate all-wheel cleaner G180124, have sodium thioglycolate as a cleaning agent and is biodegradable. When you apply this to your car wheel, it will readily dissolve the dust naturally to clean it.


The specialized solution formula of Meguiar”s ultimate all-wheel cleaner, G180124, makes it a powerful wheel cleaner. It’s able to wipe away any dust from any sort of wheel and brake finish without bruising the surface.


You might have multiple cars having distinct kinds and finishes of the wheel. In this case, you will have to use multiple cleaners according to the type for cleaning the wheel.

This will increase the cost of car maintenance. Luckily, you can avoid the extra expense by using Meguiar”s ultimate all-wheel cleaner, G180124 for all of your car’s wheels.

Quick Application

Users of this product are satisfied with its simple application process. As it already contains water as a diluent, there is no need to wet the wheel surface before using the cleaner. Besides, it also comes in a sprayable bottle.

After spraying the cleaner on the wheel surface, you must wait 2-4 minutes. After that, wash it with a powerful stream of water. Though, for a slight amount of dirt, you don’t have to use a brush, for heavy dust, gentle brushing on the surface will give excellent outcomes.


  • You can clean your car’s wheels with minimal effort
  • No need to scrub after spraying the cleanser
  • It eliminates the risk of scratching the rim while washing as no scrubbing is needed
  • After finishing the cleaning, the wheel will have a mirror glaze and will look brand new
  • You can apply this cleaner to every type of wheel
  • This is one of the best wheel cleaners for powder-coated wheels
  • You can inspect if the cleaner is working or not by noticing the color transition


  • Using this cleaner may stain your driveway
  • The smell of the product might be unpleasant for you
  • Not much effective for cleaning greasy wheel


  • Let the wheel cool down properly before spraying this cleaner on the wheel, rim, and brake components
  • You should not pre-rinse the wheel before spraying the cleaner. Because the water on the wheel will dilute the cleaning solution and will result in ineffective cleaning
  • Make sure to wash the spray within the required time. Because if it gets dry, you might face hardship in removing the stain from the wheel surface
  • After washing the car, you also have to dry the wheel properly. Otherwise, you will have to face water spots on the wheel surface

Meguiar”s Ultimate All-Wheel Cleaner G180124 Specifications

Here’re all the detailed specifications of G180124.

Bottle dimensions2.37 inch×11.62 inch×4.68 inch
Product weight1.56 lb
Cleaning agentSodium thioglycolate
ThickenerXanthum gum
Fragrance componentLinalool
SurfactantC9-11 Alcohols Ethoxylated
Sodium Xylene Sulfonate
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Magnesium Nitrate

What to Look For While Buying A Wheel Cleaner

There are several wheel cleaners in the market, and you just need solid reasons for buying Meguiar”s Ultimate all-wheel cleaner G180124. In this section, we will mention some parameters that you need to compare with other existing competitor wheel cleaners.

Brand Awareness

This product is manufactured by the well-known vehicle care business Meguiar’s. Moreover, the brand has been selling these items for around 115 years. Making it more trustworthy than its rivals.

However, do read the reviews before selecting a cleaner. Nonetheless, the majority of users agree that this product improves the appearance of a vehicle’s wheels.


The Meguiar’s Ultimate all-wheel cleaner G180124’s simplicity is a major draw. Its plastic bottle is easier to grip than other cleaners. Moreover, the sprayable design also simplifies use.

You don’t need to cut the formula before using it because it’s watered down. And you can spray the cleaner straight on the wheel surface without rinsing. Certain wheel cleaners require dilution or rinsing.


This all-wheel cleaner is priced at $20 for 1.56 ounces, which may seem pricey. Nevertheless, several $12-$15 wheel cleaners will not work on the wheels of your vehicle.

Although pricey, this all-wheel cleaner is effective against dirt. So, its effectiveness justifies its cost.

Non-Acidic Cleaner

The non-acidic cleanser is effective on all wheels. This will not alter the smoothness or coatings of the wheels.

Certain cleaners demand the attention of the wheel finish. Otherwise, the appearance may suffer.


Fragrance can also be a real deal breaker. Unlike many other wheel cleaners, Meguiar’s smells just fine. Moreover, the linalool added in it enhances the smell of the solution.

Final Thoughts

Meguiar G180124 cleaner gives a premium cleaning result on the car’s appearance within the optimum cost. Though there might be some demerits with these products, those are negligible regarding their merits.

By the way, we never encourage you to limit your choice to a single product. If you want to test some other wheel cleaners, you may check out Chemical Guys CLD_997_16 Diablo, Adam’s Wheel Cleaner 16 oz, etc. However, make sure, the cleaner can’t penetrate your eyes, mouth, or nostril while using it.

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