About Us

Hello, I am Mark Holland. I have been working in and closely watching the automotive industry for quite a long time now. Auto Guide was born with an intent to share detailed and unbiased information on automotive equipment, car wash and car paints.

It is quite difficult for newbies to pick the right equipment without extensive knowledge of the parts. As my colleague and I are working on this sector, I understand where you need guidance to either choose the right parts or know the necessary detail about painting your car. This was my inspiration when I started this blog.

As the blog grows, my vision is to clarify all your misconceptions regarding even the smallest topic of car detailing, wash, and equipment. From the right cleaner to the most effective way of protecting your car paint, you will get everything in this blog to make your car perform better than ever.

With my expertise and experience in this field, I will only publish opinions that are true to my knowledge and have been successfully implemented in many cases. These proven methods will make changing parts a breeze and help you pick the right tool that is value for the money.

And you might have hundreds of questions in your mind regarding even the minor changes in your car. Though finding an answer to your questions on the internet is very easy, getting an expert opinion that addresses your problem exactly isn’t that common.

This blog will discuss all the relevant topics on a level that caters to your needs and gives you the best solution possible. Everything from the latest equipment reviews to product rating and machine suggestions will come under the light.

Have some expert opinions and step-by-step instructions to choose the right product or service for your car. And get to know about tools and techniques that you’ve never tried. You’re welcome to the richest blog on automotive equipment, car wash, paint and detailing, etc., on the entire internet.