How To Protect Spark Plug Wires From Headers : Most Effective Solution

How To Protect Spark Plug Wires From Headers

Engine headers are extremely hot because they exhaust the burnt fuel from the engine. But spark plugs are usually very close to engine headers. So, how to protect spark plug wires from headers? Well, the simple solution to this problem is to install fiberglass sleeves on the spark plug boots. You can acquire extra protection … Read more

Deep Creep Vs PB Blaster – Which One To Choose

Deep Creep Vs PB Blaster

Seafoam Deep Creep vs PB Blaster Penetrating Oil are both effective at loosening stuck parts and corrosion. They are similar in that they are both oil-based and designed to penetrate through rust. However, they have different active ingredients and properties. Seafoam Deep Creep is made of petroleum distillates and mineral spirits. In contrast, Naphtha and … Read more

Penetro 90 vs Kroil: Which Penetrating Oil Is Worth Your Money

Penetro 90 vs Kroil

Penetro 90 and Kroil are two well-known penetrating oils. They are both effective at oil penetration, but there are some differences between Penetro 90 vs Kroil. Penetro 90 is synthetic oil, while Kroil is a petroleum-based oil. Kroil is also more expensive than Penetro 90. However, some users prefer Kroil because it is more effective … Read more

What Happens If A Spark Plug Gap Is Too Small – Symptoms and Solutions

What Happens If A Spark Plug Gap Is Too Small

Every vehicle has a unique spark plug gap specification, which is integral to proper engine performance. Over time, this gap may become too wide as the electrode wears or too small due to a damaged piston. So what happens if the spark plug gap is too small? This may lead to various engine issues like … Read more