What To Do With Old Spark Plugs : Except Recycling

A spark plug generates an electrical spark to ignite the fuel to start a car’s engine. Once these plugs become faulty, you may not be able to start the engine. So, what to do with old spark plugs?

Some people dispose of the old spark plugs knowing they are useless. But it’s not right. There are several things to do with your old spark plug. You can recycle them after using them, sell them, or reuse them.

This article will let you know the details about the old spark plugs and what you should do with them.

Why Spark Plugs Turn Faulty?

A spark plug can fail for various reasons. Such as being used outside of its safe operating temperature range, having the wrong gap, or being contaminated with chemicals.

Lack of maintenance is a reason why the spark plugs become faulty. Heard about dielectric grease? This grease maintains the top-notch performance of the plug. But, here, you should know where to put dielectric grease on spark plugs.

However, incorrect torque is the leading cause of the faulty spark plug. If you don’t use a torque wrench to install the spark plugs, you might overtighten or under-tighten them, damaging the plug. So it’s essential to use a torque wrench while installing spark plugs.

Occasionally, carbon deposits form on the spark plugs. The true causes are things like a clogged air filter, lots of slow driving, an excessively high air/fuel combination, filthy fuel injectors, or prolonged idling.

Another reason for a bad spark plug is that the electrode is bent. Well, what causes spark plug electrode to bend? The main reason is installing the wrong spark plug in the engine.

Things To Do With Old Spark Plugs

If you don’t want to dispose of all the old spark plugs, you can either recycle them or turn them into different DIY products. In this portion, I will describe everything in detail.

Recycle Old Spark Plugs

I would recommend recycling the old spark plugs only if you have a lot of faulty or damaged plugs. Recycling only 1-2 plugs won’t be worth it. To recycle them, you should go to a recycling plant.

Why do you recycle the old spark plug? Well, a spark plug probably contains metals like platinum and iridium, which have a very high market value. Even though there are just trace amounts of these metals, they can be worth quite a bit if recycled in the right way.

Make A Coat and Hat Hanger

You can craft different DIY tools if you do not recycle the old spark plugs. Making a coat or hat hanger with a worn-out plug is not that much difficult. Here is the process.

You’ll need some sturdy glue or adhesive and an old spark plug for the hat, and a coat hanger. The plug can be used either with or without the cover.

Next, use a base holder to secure your discarded spark plug. Now, using the most powerful glue or adhesive available, attach the base holder to the wall using the spark plug. Coloring in the spark plug and base may also give it a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Making A Toy Plane With A Spark Plug

Making A Toy Plane made of Spark Plug
A Toy Plane

Making a toy plane with a spark plug is easy and fun. You can make your own toy plane with just a few tools and supplies, and it will provide hours of entertainment for your kids.

Make A Bottle Opener

A Bottle Opener made of spark plugs
A Bottle Opener

Making a bottle opener is another thing to do with an old spark plug. The spark plug’s “Stud” is a nickel alloy cap welded to a copper core. Incorporating this mixture into your spark plug’s design increases its metallic durability. Attach the lower stud’s rounded end to the stick with some steel now. And finally, your bottle opener is ready.

DIY Key Holder

key holder made with old spark plugs
Key Holder

An old spark plug can be turned into a useful key holder. To accomplish this, you’ll require the spark plug’s sphere. It’s at the base of the stud, where you’ll locate it.

Carefully separate the stud’s lower half from the stud itself. Let’s see your keys go there. This appears to be a plug-and-play function, correct? It won’t take long to complete your new key holder and won’t weigh you down.

Sell To The Metal Scraper

If you are not interested in making any DIY craft out of the old spark plugs, then you should go to the metal scarper. They may purchase them. Although the resale value of old spark plugs is very low, you can sell a big collection of them for a good price.

Metal yards might not be very interested in buying from you with only a few spark plugs. In order to sell your collection of 15-20+ spark plugs for a good sum, you may gather your spark plugs in a container.

Can You Reuse The Old Spark Plugs?

If a very slight amount of dirt is accumulated in the spark plug, you can reuse them after cleaning them. You can clean the old spark plug using a stiff brush and some sandpaper. And after re-gapping it, you can reuse it.

However, this is only worthwhile if there is only a minimal amount of grime and wear. Though it can be cleaned and used again, you’ll experience less of an improvement in fuel economy than you would with a brand-new part.


Finally, you have multiple options to do with old spark plugs. You may recycle them or make DIY crafts with them. Moreover, you can also sell them to metal scrappers. But, if you are thinking of reusing them, then I recommend purchasing a new one. That is because it is more time-consuming to clean and re-gapping.

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