Matte Black Vs Gloss Black Wheels – The Ultimate Showdown

A perfect wheel purchase is just as crucial as purchasing a new vehicle. You must ensure that the colors are matched. You have a few options of shades if you love black. This includes matte black and gloss, but the question is, which one is best?

Here we covered everything regarding matte black vs gloss black wheels. If you are confused about which one you should buy, go through this write-up. We compared these two popular wheels on a number of different parameters. We explained which is difficult to maintain and which is simple to clean.

Your job is to analyze the aspects and choose the right one for your car.

Overview Of Matte Black Wheels

Matte black is just black; it is neither shiny nor glistening because it absorbs more light and stays darker. If you put matte black rims on black car, it will give you a unique appearance since they reflect only a small amount of light.

Matte Black Wheel
Matte Black Wheel

Even though it looks stunning, it is extremely susceptible to scratches. It is also a dust and dirt magnet. So the owner is required to spend too much on maintenance and cleaning. The wheel looks great on almost every car, but it especially looks cool on full black or white cars.

Although it can be a little challenging to manage, it can give you a deeper, more striking black finish.

Are Matte Black Wheels Hard To Keep Clean?

Yes, it is considerably more difficult to keep clean than other wheels. The first thing is that black is very susceptible to scratches. Additionally, the scratches become extremely visible in matte black.

Second, it picks up dust pretty quickly, making an absolute mess if you drive it off-road. Even on the road, it will get dirty faster than other colors of wheels. Dust can easily penetrate deeper areas such as wheel rims, barrels, and even lug holes.

So yes, it will be a little hard to keep the matte black wheels clean.

Overview Of Gloss Black Wheels

Gloss black absorbs less light and reflects more. That’s why it looks shiny. In addition, gloss black surfaces are more stable and have a shimmer that makes them harder to scratch or damage.

Gloss Black Wheel
Gloss Black Wheel

Because it does not absorb a lot of dust, owners do not have to spend a lot of money on maintenance. However, if the color gets damaged, you can use gloss black spray paint for car.

This wheel looks great with non-black cars. A variety of colors, such as red, silver, green, and yellow, will complement this color perfectly. However, if you use these wheels on a black car, it’ll give you a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

Are Gloss Black Wheels Hard To Keep Clean?

Whether it’s matte black, satin black or gloss black wheels, it’s always a little hard to keep clean. Though gloss black repels dirt and dust, it’s not extreme like matte black. This gloss black wheel consumes less dust, so that’s a plus point.

Aside from that, gloss black is less stain-prone, so the owner will have to deal with less staining. In addition to this, the subsequent issue will be identical to matte black. You must clean the rim flanges, bearing, and hub because dust and other debris can enter the wheel.

Matte Black Vs Gloss Black Wheels: Head To Head Comparison

Although technically both are black, there are significant differences you can notice. The glossiness is not the only difference. There is a distinction to be made between polishing, cleaning, and protecting.


Reflectivity is one of the major things that creates the difference between these two black wheels. Matte black is quite less reflective; it absorbs more light and stays dark. It gives a great, classy look.

Gloss black, on the other hand, reflects more light and absorbs less, making it appear extremely glossy.

Dust and Scratch Visibility

Matte black have a higher level of dust and scratch visibility than gloss black. You will notice that even just after one or two rides. Other than dust, it also absorbs light scratches pretty quickly. So the owner needs to be extremely careful about these thighs.

Gloss black, on the other hand, has some dust visibility, but it’s not extreme as matte black. Because it’s glossy, it conceals scratches better than matte black. As a result, it takes four to five rides to see the dust and scratches clearly.


Since matte black gets dirty pretty quickly, you have to polish the wheels every other day. Try to wash the entire vehicle whenever you wash your wheels; otherwise, the body will look dull while the wheels look brand-new. Matte black is a light-sensitive color. It can get damaged if you use any rough agent for cleaning. So always use the recommended wheel cleaner that goes well with black wheels.

A glossy black surface, on the other hand, does not become dirty very quickly. So you don’t need to clean it after every ride. Whenever you get a chance, wipe the dust off since it’s more visible here. You should avoid using any rough scrubber or brush when cleaning because it will decrease the glossiness of the paint.


When it comes to matte black, you are not allowed to polish it. The reason for this is that we only polish those that are glossy, and matte is not glossy in this case. It is possible to properly clean it, and that is what will make this wheel attractive.

An excellent way to improve the appearance of a gloss black wheel is to polish it. However, you must properly wash the wheels first because only clean wheels can be polished perfectly. You can apply several coats of polish on this gloss black wheel.


Whether the wheel is matte black or gloss black, protecting them is difficult for both wheels. You need to use an artificial product like wax, sealant, or powder coating. Wax is comparatively more common to shine and has long-lasting protection than gloss wheels.

But for matte black wheels, powder coating is more suitable. Wax and sealant are not a good idea here. In this case, you must use a powder-based coating because it has thermal bonding and is more resistant to scratches and other solutions.

Here is a table showing some more factors-

FactorMatte Black WheelGlass Black Wheel
Car colors that are appropriateSuitable for full black and whiteSuitable for any car, it also looks great in black.
Dust and scratch visibilityVisibility is high.Visibility is also high (comparatively lower than matte)
PolishingNot applicableApplicable

Which Is Better Matte Black Or Gloss Black?

You can classify gloss black vs matte black truck wheels based on their appearance, upkeep, and durability.

Glossy wheels give a more trendy and smart look. On the other hand, matte is for those who prefer the classy vibe of the wheels.

In addition, matte surfaces require more maintenance than glossy ones. Gloss is quite easy to work with, and you don’t have to spend extra time on it. In terms of durability, both car wheels are durable but gloss black wheels last longer.

The question is, which one is the best fit for you? Considering everything,  gloss black wheels would be the best since they’re stylish, low maintenance, and suitable for many cars.

In any case, if you are dying for that classy look and aren’t afraid to take on extra maintenance duties, matte black wheels could be worth your while.

Final Words

We assume that you understand the difference between matte black vs gloss black wheels. Both wheels are now on the trend, and there are some positive aspects involved as well.

We began with a brief overview of the car to facilitate a better understanding.

Here, the main difference between these two wheels is the level of reflectivity and the texture. We made every effort to categorize them in various aspects, such as cleaning, polishing, and protecting. Besides that, the comparison table will give you a basic idea of how they compare.

Ultimately, we shared our thoughts regarding whether matte black or gloss black would be the most appropriate for your car.

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