How To Clean Inside Of Rims: An Step-by-Step Guideline

Rim is the metal frame that holds the tire. It makes the structure of the wheel, and the tire is the cover of the rim. The importance of them cannot be understood. A good rim helps to reduce friction and can provide better leverage.

The chances of accidents happening are also reduced by good rims. Furthermore, you can also enjoy smoother rides thanks to them. Just like any other metal surface, rims also collect dirt and lose their firmness, rigidity, etc. Thus, a responsible car owner should clean them regularly.

However, cleaning them may be daunting and tedious at times. Moreover, there is no shortage of methods one can follow. We experimented with some of the most popular ways of how to clean inside of rims to bring you this step-by-step guideline. As a bonus, we will discuss some additional tips and tricks and alternate methods for you to consider.

So buckle up cause we’re in it for a ride!

Should I Clean Inside Of Rims?

Most people often ignore the rims, mainly cause to clean it, one has to open it up and separate the whole thing from the tire. We understand it’s too much just for looks. Nonetheless, if you own a fancy car, dirty rims take away the glamor. It is more of a personal preference than an ethical one.

But aesthetics are not the only factor. Rims tend to collect a lot of dust over time. At first, it might have no visible impact on the overall performance of the car; but slowly, it might affect breaking performances. Dust also creates breaking noises, something that will definitely affect your driving experience.

To put it straight, dirty rims will affect much on a daily basis. However, they are definitely harmful in the long run. Thus, you should spare some time every now or then to clean them up.

How Can I Clean The Inside Of My Rims?

Before start cleaning your rims, you should arrange some materials which you need to use in the cleaning process.

Tools You Need To Clean Inside Of Rims

To properly clean the interior of the rim, we are going to see some wheel cleaning accessories. These are:

1. Dedicated Wheel Cleaning Brushes:

A good brush can reduce your efforts by more than half. As the rims consist of multiple edges and tight corners, a dedicated cleaning brush is necessary. Unlike human hands these can reach every corner of the rims, giving you a thorough clean every time.

Wheel Cleaning Brushes

We recommend using a semi-stiff brush for the best results, it won’t scratch the rims while cleaning the rims thoroughly. Furthermore, we also recommend you to wear MF gloves for all the grease and dust. You might also require microfiber mitts for the wheel alone.

2. Brake Dust Cleaner:

A brake dust cleaner will undoubtedly be the most important investment. We recommend buying a dedicated wheel dust cleaner since it provides the best results.

You’ll notice most of such dedicated cleaners are pH neutral, nonetheless, there are countless acidic ones too. However, acidic cleaners are harmful, and if you have alloy or chrome rims, it’s wiser to avoid them.

3. A Wheel Cleaning Stand:

If you want the best results upon cleaning the rims, you must separate the wheel from its vehicle. This will allow you to have greater flexibility to clean the entire wheel as well as inside the rims.

Wheel Cleaning Stand

To make your task easier, you can invest in a wheel cleaning stand. This allows you to place the wheel at your ease and clean it from all angles.

4. Hose or Pressure Washer:

Last but not least, to finish it off, you might want to invest in a hose or pressure washer. Of course, you may just use a bucket and cloth to clean off all the soap and dust manually. However, a brush with hose attachment or pressure washer can reach every corner and provide better washing.

A simple hose itself makes the job much easier. However, a pressure washer takes it to the next level. Not only that it can reach better corners, but also the pressure of water spraying out cleans off all the dirt on its own.

In some rims, over time, there is heavy brake dust. To remove this, just brush off as many solid dust objects as you can. Then start hosing it with water and follow the given steps down below to properly clean the wheel.

Step by Step Guide On How To Clean Inside of Rims

We are going to guide you through cleaning the wheel. Step by step, we’ll show you how to clean the interior of the rims. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Step 1:

Make sure the wheel isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. Check that the wheel is sufficiently cooled to touch and handle. Remove the wheel from the vehicle and turn it around. You should be able to see all the dirt clogged up inside your rim.

Mount the wheel on the cleaning stand. Remove the solid dust materials by brushing them off. Now start spraying the rims and the tire with the liquid cleaner. Make sure your spray reaches every spot of the wheel. Wait for a bit. If you have done that, then move on to step 2.

Step 2:

After you’ve sprayed the cleaner all over, choose a brush of your choice, but we recommend a medium-sized, firm brush. Then, for 5-8 minutes, brush the tire’s edges and the insides of the rim completely. Depending on the dirt, it could take much longer.

If you’re washing your tire after, say, three years, we recommend brushing it for a few minutes longer. Brush the dirt from the tires with a brush. If you think it’s not clean enough, repeat the process.

Step 3:

Now, spray the wheel down with your water hose. Remove as much dirt as possible from the back of the tire. If you’ve completed that, let’s go on to the next step.

Step 4:

Move your wheel to the front this time. We recommend getting a smaller brush so you can clean between the rims quickly and effortlessly. Reapply the chemical cleaner on the tire and get it all over it.

Step 5:

Take your big brush and scrub the tire and outside rim until they are completely clean. Then, using the smaller brush, brush the gaps and borders in between the rims to ensure that as much dirt as possible has been removed.

Step 6:

Using your water hose, remove all dirt from the wheel. Finally, your tire should appear completely new. Then take the dry cloth and try to remove as much water from the tire as possible.

This should be done on both sides as well as the rims. After that, let it air dry for a few hours. You can use it again after it has dried completely.

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How To Remove Heavy Brake Dust From Rims?

There are a few key points to remember. We’ve shown you one type of brake dust cleaner, but you must select the suitable brake dust cleaning for your rims. Some cleaning solutions may cause damage to your rims, rendering them useless, depending on the materials they are composed of.

If your rims have a lot of heavy dust on them, simply rinse them with water. We also tried out our side experiment by using a hose to directly spray water on the clogged dust. Thou we were successful, we won’t recommend it if you own a luxury rim and don’t want to get it all damaged by any means.

Once the dust seems all loosen up, then start the process of cleaning them following the steps given above.

Can I Use Dawn Or Vinegar To Clean My Rims?

There are a variety of additional cleaning products available on the market. It is not necessary for you to use the washing materials mentioned. Just make sure you’re not using any harsh chemical cleaners that could harm the metal. You are free to use whatever alternative you like.

For example, vinegar is one of the most popular. White vinegar can cut through oil, filth, and stains, among other things. As a result, you can clean aluminum rims with white vinegar.

On the other hand, a Dawn liquid dishwasher is a good option. While this will clean the rims, automobile cleaning chemicals will be more effective. As a result, we recommend that you use any car cleaning liquids. However, there’s no harm in using Dawn liquid soaps.

How Do You Get Grime Off Aluminum Rims?

How you can get the filth off your chrome rims is one of the most often requested questions. If this is your query, we can provide you with a response. To remove the grime, simply spray it down with a powerful water hose and brush the grime off the rims with brushes and heavy brake dust cleaners.

Grime is usually present on the edge of the rim. If one round of brushing and hosing the rims down isn’t enough, continue the technique and you should be able to remove all of the filth. One might say using soaps and solutions can help you get it off easier, but from our expertise, it’s not worth the effort.

Final Thoughts

This finishes the guide on how to clean inside of rims. We attempted to provide as much information as possible. Remember to get some of the necessities.

Properly, such as the right heavy dust cleaner, the right size of brushes, and gloves, among other things. Also, to keep your rims and wheels in good shape, try to do general maintenance washing every 4-5 months.

You should always try to keep your rims in perfect condition. Again you should check its condition, and if it is getting old, then you should buy new ones immediately. Otherwise, you might happen to lose control of your brakes!

Finally, we hope that we were able to address all of your concerns. We hope we were able to assist you in completely cleaning the rims of a wheel. Tine next time, drive safe!

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