Do Black Rims Scratch Easy | 5 Things To Know

It is the envy of the neighborhood to have a new set of black, shiny, stylish rims. Any car would look amazing with them! But after just one week of driving, you see scratches on your rims. Though, the driver doesn’t even remember hitting anything that could have caused such damage.

So, do black rims scratch easy? Yes, they do!

The most common type of scratch on black rims is a surface-level scratch, which means that only the top layer of paint or clear coat has been removed. Depending on the situation, the scratch can be deep too.

Today, we are going to present five reasons why black rims scratch so easily and what one can do to protect our investment from unnecessary scratches.

Top 5 Reasons Why Black Rims Scratch Easily

Black rims are one of the hottest trends in the automotive industry today. Did you know that these rims tend to scratch much more easily than other color rims? If you’re worried about black rims scratching and want to know the top reasons, here are five of them-

1. Rim Material Matters

The material your rims are made of plays a big role in how easily they scratch. Softer metals like aluminum scratch more easily than harder metals like steel. Stainless steel is even stronger and doesn’t scratch as easily as other metal types.

You can also try to find rim material that has been coated with rubber. It will protect the rim from scratches while providing the sleek look you’re after.

2. Wheel Type

The type of wheel you have can play a big role in how easily it scratches. Alloy wheels are softer and more prone to scratching than steel wheels. If you’re looking for a durable wheel that won’t scratch easily, go with steel.

Coating your steel or chrome rims is another way to make them less susceptible to damage from rocks or other items on the road. However, the efficiency of the black chrome rim decreases in wet conditions and can cause scratches and even curb rash.

3. Road Conditions

The first reason why black rims scratch so easily is because of the road conditions. If you live in an area with a lot of gravel or potholes, your rims are going to take a beating. Even just driving over a speed bump can be enough to damage them if it’s too high. You need to be very careful when driving on rough roads. Make sure you don’t exceed 30 miles per hour.

4. Driving Habits

The first reason why black rims scratch so easily is because of driving habits. If you’re the type of driver who likes to take corners fast or brake hard- your rims are going to suffer. Heavy braking and speeding around turns can cause a lot of stress on your tires and rims.

5. Poor Wheel Care

One of the main reasons why black rims scratch so easily is due to poor wheel care. When you don’t clean your wheels regularly, brake dust and other grime can build up and cause scratches.

Ways to Get Scratches Off Black Rims

Even if you have the best car wash, it’s still hard to keep your rims shiny and scratch-free. Luckily, there are treatments if they do form. Here are some tips on how you can repair damaged rims, especially scratches, to bring them back to their former shine!

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a natural abrasive and can be used to remove very light scratches off your black rims. Simply make a paste with water and baking soda, apply it to the affected area, and scrub gently.

Sand Down Deep Scratches:

Whether your rims are made of aluminum, steel, or another metal, you can sand down deep scratches using sand grit paper, widely available anywhere. Gently rub the scratched surface with the grit paper until the scratch is gone, and re-paint or polish it with similar rim color.

Use Filler:

This method is effective for deep scratches-

1.        First, clean the area around the scratched rims.

2.        Next, apply a thin layer of automotive body filler to the scratch.

3.        Allow it to dry thoroughly before applying a second coat.

You may have to do this several times until the scratch is filled in with material that matches the surface of the rim.

Spray Polish Remover:

Spray a generous amount of polish remover onto the scratched area of your rim. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with a clean cloth. Repeat this process until the scratch is no longer visible. Using polish remover is time-saving and can provide that painted finish without much effort.

Use an eraser:

While an eraser cannot remove curb rash on black rims, it can work on the mildest scratches. Just like you use an eraser to get pencil marks off the paper, you can use an eraser to get scratches off black rims. Wet the eraser with water and rub it over the scratch.

Ways to Prevent Black Rims From Getting Scratched

Here are some tips for avoiding those scratches and keeping your black rims looking new!

Wash It Regularly:

The best way to protect your rims is by keeping them clean. That means- washing them regularly with soap and water.

Use The Right Cleaning Materials:

When it comes to cleaning your rims, you need to be careful about the materials you use. Harsh chemicals can strip the paint and damage the finish, making it more prone to scratches.

Instead, opt for a dedicated rim cleaner specifically designed for black wheel care. When you dry it off, use a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving any lint behind

Inspect It Regularly:

The best way to protect your black rims is to inspect them regularly for any signs of damage. Look for scratches, chips, or curb rash, and take care of them as soon as possible.

Don’t Leave It in Extreme Heat Or Cold:

The best way to protect your rims is to keep them out of extreme weather conditions. If you live in an area with harsh winters, it’s best to store your car in a garage or covered parking lot.

Do Black Rims Scratch Easy-FAQs

1. Are Matte Black Wheels Hard To Keep Clean?

While matte black wheels can look amazing, there’s one thing they seem to lack – the ability to stay clean. You might think it’s an easy fix. But a simple soap and water scrub can easily scratch those beautiful black rims on your car or truck. It will put an end to that deep shine you love so much.

2. How To Fix Scratched Hubcap On Curb?

Depending on the depth- you can use some quick fixes to fix scratched hubcap on curb. This includes toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, and other home remedies you may have lying around the house. But if the scratch is too deep, try rubbing it with sandpaper of finer grits and repaint or polish the rim afterward. 

3. Are Black Wheels A Fad?

Black wheels are indeed an all-time fad. They are classy, and modern, ever since they were invented for cars. Car lovers of every generation choose black wheels over anything. People are bound to look back at your car with black wheels.

4. Do Black Rims Look Good On A White Car?

Black is a classic color and complements any other color. Moreover, black rims with white cars will not only look good but also will apply a high contrast of light and dark. You can play safe with black rims on any colored car.

Final Thought

Black rims are beautiful, but they can get scratched easily from time to time. Once you own them, you should know how difficult it is to keep them clean. Even if you have the best car wash, it’s still hard to keep black rims shiny and scratch-free all time.

Now that you have got to know the reasons why black rims scratch so easily, you can easily avoid the situations and keep your rims shiny for a long time. 

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