Can You Wax Painted Wheels | Here Is A Quick Guide

It is true that waxing cars is popular, but there are a lot of ambiguous questions concerning this practice. For example, ‘can you wax painted wheels’ is such a question you hardly get a good answer. But this is a problem for many people.

And we are here to give you a clear idea about this topic today. First of all, waxing a painted wheel is possible. But there is a guideline to follow in order to achieve the expected result.

Here we have explained how to wax a painted wheel in two different methods. Each method has been explained in detailed steps. We also shared some insight regarding waxing.

Can You Wax Painted Wheels?

There is nothing wrong with waxing painted wheels. Frankly, there are a lot of people who wax their painted wheels daily.

A common misconception is people think it can knock out the glossiness of the wheel’s paint, but that’s nothing but a myth. However, to make your wheels look good, you should do it frequently.

Here we will show you the ultimate guide to waxing or sealing car wheels in a few simple and effective steps.

In general, there are two methods for waxing wheels. One is ‘fast waxing’ which is conducted by using wheel wax spray.

And another way is ‘normal waxing’. This one gives more effective results than the other one. Here, you have to use the regular wax and other additional work.

Method 1: Fast Waxing

Step 1: Quick wash the wheel – In the beginning, you have to clean up your wheel with distilled water. Better if you are able to use the water sprayer.

Because the water sprayer automatically pulls out all the dirt and dust without missing a spot. Wash both sides of the wheel.

While washing, make sure you rub those areas with a soft towel.

Step 2: let it dry: Wipe out the excess water with a fresh dry cloth. You could also use the leaf blower to dry out your wheel even more quickly. Once it gets dry, you can move to the next stage.

Step 3: Apply the Wax: There are actually many kinds of wax that can be applied on painted wheels. Here we will take the spray wax. Because it will reduce some steps and make this process faster.

You can take any of those wax – Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba, Adam’s spray wax, Turtle wax ICE, or you could use any of your favorite wax.

So, now take two pieces of fiber cloth. Spray wax onto one fiber cloth and rub it across the entire wheel. As soon as the rubbing is done, you can clean it with the other fresh fiber cloth.

You will be able to see the clean wheels instantly just after applying the wax.

Methods 2: Normal Waxing

The main difference between the ‘fast wax’ and the ‘normal wax’ is that you have to use the traditional wax gel and put it into the wheel in normal wax. Whereas in fast waxing methods, we were using spray wax.

Moreover, the normal waxing gives you a more satisfactory result than the other one.

These are the thing you are going to need here for this methods

  • A good wax (Wheel wax ultimate protection/magic guard wax/Max coat wheel guard)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Towel
  • Water sprayer

So let’s see the how to do this

Step 1: Washing: This is a must-do job when you wax something. Here for the wheels, you have to clean them appropriately with the water. Otherwise, dust and grim will never allow the wheels to be clean.

Ensure the water reaches every corner, including the inner barrel, brake calipers, and spokes.

Step 2: Polishing: Next job after washing would be polish painted wheels. For this, you can use your hand because this way the wax will be applied perfectly.

Step 3: IPA cleaning: Isopropyl Alcohol which is called IPA is really important when you are waxing something.

Frankly, you can skip the polishing part but not IPA. It removes the flux residue pretty smoothly.

The application is very simple. When your polishing is done, take a little IPA on a cloth and rub it all over the tires. Your waxing will last longer.

Step 3: Applying Wax: We already have shared three popular wax here. You can use any of those, if you have something else you could also use that.

Now, put on your gloves and start applying wax to the wheels according to the directions on the container. You need to rub the wax all over the wheels without missing any spot.

Once done take a break for 20 to 30 minutes and clean it with a normal microfibre cloth.

Does Wheel Wax Really Work?

There’s no doubt that wheel wax really does work. However, you will see a significant change on the positive side.

And honestly, it’s a phenomenon compared to other methods. It requires less time and gives a more lasting, satisfactory result. And most importantly, the result will be visible for 3 to 4 months.

What does the wax actually do to your wheel? That’s the question, right? Well, the main purpose of having wax on the wheel is to prevent dust and grim. Additionally, the alloy wheel wax makes it look shiny and glossy.

So yes, it does work to the wheel.

How Long Does Wax Last On Painted Wheels?

There is no fixed answer to this question because it depends on multiple factors. For instance, the types of wax you are using, wheel condition, and how much you drive your car all are responsible.

So for a normal car, the wax will last up to four-month or more than that. But this is not true for every car. When your car is driven a lot, your wax will be damaged sooner.

Other than that, below-standard wax won’t last a week even if you ride your car occasionally.

But if everything is ok, you can expect a wax to last for 4 to 6 months easily.

Should You Wax Your Car Wheels Every Time You Paint Them?

If you want to keep your wheel protected, you should wax the wheel after every painting session.

Wax is basically a temporary guard on your painted wheel. It always protects your wheel’s paint from dirty water, grime, and mud. If you do not wax it after painting, you will see how quickly it starts damaging.

So if you have the chance then better wax the wheel after painting them.

What Happens If You Leave Wax On Painted Wheels Too Long?

The wax on your painted wheels will gradually solidify if left on for too long. A therapeutic ingredient in wax, such as oil, is the primary reason it happens. As a result, when you are going to remove the wax, it won’t come out that easily.

In contrast, it will damage your wheel’s paint and surface. So the best strategy is to maintain the time limit. For most of the carnauba paste wax, you have to remove it within two to three months.

It is best to follow the instructions because the manufacturer has already outlined when to remove it.

Should You Wax Your Wheel Every Time You Wash It?

It would be a pretty bad idea to do that. First of all, if you want to keep your car in optimal condition, you have to know when and how to wash it. If you use wax on your car’s wheel, be careful about washing.

However, if you wash them, it is unnecessary to do the waxing every time. As we mentioned earlier, wax is just temporary protection, it is not something that highly protects your wheel’s paint.


We hope that all of your confusion regarding the question – can you wax painted wheels, has been resolved.

Apparently, most people are not very aware of car wax. For this reason, we have covered almost everything about waxing wheels. Here we have shown two different ways of waxing wheels. One is fast waxing, and another is normal waxing.

Later on, we discussed others that bothered most of the people. Such as how long wax lasts or what happens if you leave wax for so long.

We are pretty sure now you will be able to wax your car by yourself without feeling confused.

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