8 Best Wheel Cleaner For Powder Coated Wheels To Buy In 2023

Finding the ideal cleaner for your wheels is no mean feat. You may never know this until you hit the market and find the overwhelming options therein. While some of them are good and safe for your wheels, some are not. That’s why you have to be extra careful.

We tried our best to review the best wheel cleaner for powder coated wheels in this piece. You will find it helpful before setting off for shopping. Most importantly, it will open up your mind to the many options you’re likely to find in the market today.

How Do You Get Brake Dust Off Powder Coated Rims

Cleaning powder-coated wheels are quite cost-effective. It doesn’t require high-end cleaning materials or detergents. You only need to clean them regularly to prevent brake dust from sticking onto the wheels.

But, you’ve to be very careful with the products and tools you use. A firehose, for instance, isn’t the best tool to spray debris with. It can easily damage your coat finish. Although it is highly accurate, its extreme pressure can be very destructive. This is how you remove brake dust from powder-coated rims.

  1. Collect your cleaning items and detergents
  2. Gently spritz off the wobbly debris with a water hose
  3. Use warm water, soap, and a little wheel cleaner
  4. Rub your soapy microfiber towel onto the wheels
  5. Rinse with the water hose under low pressure
  6. Tap them dry with a microfiber towel

Wheel cleaning is not about exerting high water pressure on the wheels. Be gentle and rinse from top to bottom. This helps you clean faster without spreading dirt around the wheels.

Is It Better To Paint Or Powder Coat Rims

Making the right decision between painting and powder-coating your wheels is essential. It’s the wheels that experience the brutality of stones and rough terrains. Therefore, taking good care of them saves you unnecessary downtime. So, what’s better between painting and using powder to coat your wheels?

Both options have their pros and cons. Painting, for instance, has a low initial cost and adds to your wheels’ appeal and gloss. It also allows you to have the color of your choice. However, it doesn’t entirely shield your rims from corrosion.

Applying a powder coat, on the other hand, adds a lasting finish to your rims. Although its initial installation is a bit costly, you’ll not have to do it repeatedly as with painting. Also, powder coats are eco-friendly, another reason we prefer them to paintwork.

With the above details, we can conclude that powder coating outshines painting. If you want to protect your wheels the best way, powder-coat them. You will spend more initially, but it’s worth every while.

Best Wheel Cleaner for Powder Coated Wheels Reviews

Have you installed powder-coated wheels already? You now need to maintain them in the best shape. We compiled this list of the best picks in today’s market for your perusal.

1. Chemical Guys CLD10516 : Editor’s Choice

Chemical Guys CLD10516

Highlighted features:

  • Safe for lustrous wheel varnishes
  • Non-acidic
  • Entirely natural
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use

Are you looking for the safest wheel cleaner for your vehicle? We’ve picked Chemical Guys CLD10516 as the best choice on our list. Apart from being purely natural citrus, this wheel cleaner employs the latest and best technology.

Its oxygen suspension technology elevates and detaches brake dust. It lathers when sprayed, easily removing the impurities without agitating the wheel’s surface.

If the buildup is too much, you only need to rub the surface with a bristle brush after spraying. Although this gel is gentle on wheels, it is hard on dirt and eliminates it pretty fast.

What we found most amazing is this spray gel’s thickness. It holds onto the wheels so firmly that by the time it detaches, it comes off with all the dirt.

For optimal performance, let it sit on the wheel surface for some time before rinsing. If you have stubborn stains, spritz it afresh and scrub a little more. Your formerly brown wheels should be sparkling by the time you’re done.

Again, the gel you find in the market today is quite enhanced. It does not come with oxygen generators alone. If you buy this gel today, you’ll take home a blend of both citrus and clinging reactants.

2. Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner : Budget Pick

Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner

Highlighted Features:

  • Minimal odor
  • Higher viscosity
  • 100% safe on all wheel and rim types
  • Dark teal
  • Scarlet-pineapple scent
  • USA made

This is the ultimate powder coat wheel cleaner to buy if you are on a budget. It eliminates even the stubborn stains and piled dirt particles within minutes. We found it very unique because of the color change.

The moment you spritz Adam’s deep wheel cleaner on the wheels, it displays a deep purple color. This is to let you know that its cleansing agents are at work.

The enhanced surfactants it comes with are the best. They are designed to eliminate the worst of debris and grime mostly found on your wheel’s barrels.

At the same time, this sticky cleaner has a strong formula obtained from Europe. That’s why this formulation does the best in removing all the dirt attached to your wheels, rims, and braking systems.

On applying, you leave the solution to rest for some time and then rub it a little with your barrel brush. Leaving the solution for several minutes allows ample time for activation. By the time you’re rinsing, the job will be done to perfection.

Even your aluminum wheels are safe with this formulation. However, you’ve to be careful not to leave the chemical to overstay and dry on the surfaces.

3. Meguiar’s G180132 Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner : Best Overall

Meguiar's G180132 Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner

Highlighted features:

  • Gentle on brake coats
  • Tough on dirt
  • Fit for all-wheel types
  • Acts fast
  • Balanced pH

From our research, we concluded that Meguiar’s G180132 is the best wheel cleaner on our list. This gel disintegrates so fast as it loosens the dirt attached to your wheels.

Unlike the conventional wheel cleaners, this one stays wetter longer, thus offering greater activation. On applying, brake dust will turn all purple, while other forms of dirt turn brown.

If you have no idea of your wheel type and what to use, this premium, all-in-one wheel cleaner strikes a perfect balance for you. It is one of the toughest when it comes to acting on grime, yet the most lenient on your rims and wheels.

For optimal performance, you’ve to first confirm that the wheels and entire brake systems are cool to touch. It’s also advisable that you work from the shade to minimize risks.

With this cleaner, you don’t even have to pre-rinse. Simply spray a lot of solution on the wheels’ surfaces until they’re fully covered.

Give the formulation like 3 or so minutes to act, and spritz it off with a relatively high-pressure water pipe. A bristle brush will come in handy if dirt is too piled on the wheels.

4. Adam’s Wheel and Tire Cleaner – Professional All in One Tire & Wheel Cleaner

Adam's Wheel and Tire Cleaner 16oz

Highlighted features:

  • Easy to use
  • Acts instantly
  • Has a sweet, citrus fragrance
  • Gentle and safe for all tire types
  • Non-acidic

If you’re looking for a powerful wheel cleaning spray for removing heavy brake dust and debris, this is it. We were particularly awed by the tender nature that makes it suitable for cleaning painted and powder coated wheels. This spray’s primary purpose is to decompose any dirt accumulated on the wheels and rims’ surfaces.

If you’re worried about your factory powder coated wheels, you better rest easy. This is the best-known cleaner for chrome and clear wheel coats. This spray also lathers easily and doesn’t dissolve your powder coat. You may have seen some cleaning powders that wash off more than what you intended.

Discolored wheels are not the best either. Do not entertain the unsightly look when Adam’s wheel cleaner is readily available. If you’re here to do away with the crappy, old-looking wheels on your car, this alkaline solution will leave your wheels in their best look.

We were also careful to note that Adam’s wheel and tire cleaner is designed to make cleaning easy and efficient. It contains strong polymers that have been tried and tested. No wonder it is that effective!

5. Beasley’s Matte Wheel Cleanser – Designed for Painted and Powder-Coated Wheels

Beasley's Matte Wheel Cleanser

Highlighted features:

  • Has a balanced pH
  • Compatible with matte wheels
  • Non-dripping
  • Gel-based
  • Biodegradable

If you love your polish matte black wheels clean and sleek, go for Dr. Beasley’s matte wheel cleaner without a doubt. This formulation is designed to clean matte wheels in the safest way possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using satin or powder-coated matte wheels. This cleanser does a pretty fine job in sustaining that matte appearance.

For the best look, this cleanser comes without fillers. We noted it doesn’t leave those ugly dregs that damage the matte look.

Also, Dr. Beasley’s matte wheel cleaner has a cling formula like no other. When sprayed, it firmly holds onto the wheels such that when you rinse off, it clears all the dirt.

Its low drip is something else that caught our attention. The gel comes off slowly, allowing you to spread on the affected areas without unnecessary spillage.

When you apply it on cool wheels, you can allow it to rest for like 3 to 4 minutes to give it ample time to act on the dirt. You’ll realize wonderful results immediately after rinsing it off.

6. Chemical Guys CLD_997_16 Diablo Wheel Gel – Safe on All Wheel & Rim Finishes

Chemical Guys CLD_997_16 Diablo Wheel Gel

Highlighted features:

  • Safe for all types of wheels
  • Loosens dirt easily
  • You can apply or spritz it
  • Greater quantity because the solution is concentrated
  • pH neutral

CLD_997_16 Diablo wheel cleaner is an amazing product serving drivers and garage owners efficiently. It is also the first known product to employ a concentrated aerosol technology to clear debris.

If you’re worried about the high concentration damaging your varnish, worry no more. You can mix a portion of this solution with 6 parts of water and still attain excellent results.

Comparing this spray with others, we realized it is the only one with a neutral pH. You can comfortably apply it on your original or aftermarket wheels, whether painted or powder-coated.

Interestingly, this cleanser has a very strong natural infusion, which is rich in oxygen. This oxygen technology is unique and does an excellent job in dirt removal, especially if you have crappy wheels. 

These oxygen-inclined cleansers also tend to have smooth lubrication that easily drives off the dirt. Its easy lathering makes cleaning straightforward and safe for all wheels. You will enjoy the cleanup process and mostly the results.

Unless you have a very heavy buildup, scrubbing will not be necessary. Simple application and rinsing will do you good, provided you don’t allow the solution to dry off.

7. Bike Brite MC53000 Black Powder Coated Engine and Wheel Cleaner

Bike Brite MC53000 Black Powder Coated Engine and Wheel Cleaner

Highlighted features:

  • Reduced smell
  • Non-abrasive
  • No rinsing required
  • Offers maximal protection on wheels
  • No streak
  • Cherry scent

Are you looking for a product that cleans and shields your crappy powder-coated engine components? If yes, rest assured this moto cleaner offers you just what you need.

MC53000 is known not just for cleaning powder-coated engine components but also for wheels. The aerosol also goes a long way in protecting the wheels and creating a shine.

Do not entertain any dull powder-coated components on your vehicle when this aerosol is available. It performs excellently on all parts, bringing back the lost shine.

If your vehicle engine parts and wheels have lost their glory to wax residues, grab your bottle today. You will be surprised at the glossiness you will attain in the end.

Remember to only apply the solution on cool parts. If you aren’t sure of the temperatures, test with unnoticeable sections for a start.

For proper application, shake your aerosol properly for a few seconds. You should then spritz it on the affected parts of your wheels and allow it to rest.

Here, we don’t rinse the solution. Instead, you’re supposed to only wipe the excess with a fiber towel.

8. Griot’s Garage 11026 Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner

Griot's Garage 11026 Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner

Highlighted features:

  • Safe for every wheel coating
  • Non-caustic
  • Non-acidic
  • Highly viscous
  • Non-lingering scent

If your vehicle brakes tend to darken your wheels, your ultimate remedy is in this wheel cleaner. Griot’s Garage 11026 is a heavy-duty wheel cleaner with a greatly enhanced performance.

You will, especially, enjoy its sweet scent that doesn’t linger. If you have used it before, you need to try it today. It has been improved in scent and performance.

This cleaner is the best because it clings firmly on your rims and wheels, thus quickly getting activated. You should consider it a safe bet for all types of wheel finishes.

Just like its counterparts, you should leave the solution to sit on the surface for like 5 minutes and then brush and rinse off. You can even use it on uncoated wheels and experience great results without causing any damage.

Also, if you take too much time before washing your wheels and rims, this is the cleaner to bank on for absolute cleanliness. Its application is very easy because the solution is thick.

 That means you will have zero chances of spillage when cleaning. We are certain Griot’s 11026 will give you full value for your money if you use it as per the instructions.

Wheel Cleaner Buying Guide for Powder Coated Wheels

Best Wheel Cleaner For Powder Coated Wheels

Choosing one among the above powder-coated wheel cleaners can be confusing. If you’re doing it for the first time and do not know where to start, these are the essentials to consider.


Most people may not know this, but the most effective aluminum wheel cleaner may not sit well with your paint. It disintegrates the paint gradually, leaving you with chips. As such, you must confirm that you’re using the right wheel cleaners, depending on your coating type.

If you’re not sure what to buy, go for a mild or neutral cleaner. Its acidic counterparts, on the other hand, are perfect for the dirt removal. But, they will likely corrode your wheels and rims.


The aerosol sprays and gels are great only when they lather well. It only feels great when you spritz and the solution foams instantly. If it doesn’t, cleaning will be very hard to do.

Again, the foam disintegrates the dirt particles very easily, making your work easier. If the cleaner lathers more, the better its performance. Never overlook this.


This will majorly be determined by the type of wheels you’re using. If you want to protect matte finish wheels, for instance, avoid waxes, filling reagents, and silicones. Cleaners promising you a spark are also not the best here.

If you fail to determine what you want, you will be utterly disappointed. Mostly this happens not because the cleaners are bad, but because of the wrong usage. That means you should know your wheel types when going shopping.

Color-changing effect

Are you wondering how important this is? Well, when you notice a color change on some part, you will know how dirty it is. This is when you decide whether to scrub or not.

Again, you save a lot of time. You don’t have to keep scrubbing parts that may not have issues. A cleaner coming with such a level of convenience is the best you can buy today.

Gentleness on wheels

Apart from acidity, some cleaners tend to have harsh elements. They eliminate grime pretty fast but are equally rough on your wheels. Such cleaners will do you more harm than good.

 Always read the label to know what’s inside. If it’s not made of natural extracts, do not use it to clean powder coated wheels. It is likely to disappoint you or even hurt your hands.

Best Wheel Cleaner For Powder Coated Wheels-FAQs

Even with all the above, you may still have some nagging questions. We compiled several of them below here to equip you with more knowledge.

Can I Use a Wheel Cleaner on My Car’s Body

The first thing to consider here is the wheel cleaner type you’re using. If it is mild and natural, it may be friendly to your car bodywork. Some are good, but you should try with an unnoticeable part to avoid disappointment.

How do you remove road paint from a car wheel

To effectively remove road paint from car wheel well, avoid rushing to scrub with an abrasive cleaner because it will damage your vehicle’s coating. Instead, spritz the vehicle with a pressure washer and leave it to loosen. If the paint is stubborn, apply WD-40 and allow it to rest there for about a day or two.

Does Vaseline Take Off Road Paint

Yes, it can. However, it depends on the extent of the damage. Where applicable, you’re required to smear a generous amount of vaseline on the road paint. Allow it to sit on the surface overnight and get the car pressure-washed at a car wash.

What Is The Best Wheel Cleaner

You will have a variety of options to choose from. What you find best will depend on factors like your wheel types. However, Meguiars-G180132 is the best pick from our list. You can choose any other based on your needs, though.

Are There Homemade Solutions I Can Use to Clean My Car Wheels

You can make several home blends to clean your wheels. However, their effectiveness and safety are not guaranteed. If you are to take this direction, first try out with a small portion to avoid wasting time and a lot of your home items.


As a careful car owner, it’s important to take good care of your wheels. Apart from facing the wrath of the rough roads, they also collect all the dirt. Keeping your car wheels clean shows exactly who you are and what you stand for. You may not know, but other people also notice how you handle your vehicle.

But, if you neglect your wheels, it may depict a different picture. Most importantly, the wheels may bow to the beating and die before serving their full lifespan. You should always have the best wheel cleaner for powder coated wheels for simplified routine cleaning. Thankfully, the cleansers above are quite affordable and easy to use.

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