How To Fix Curb Rash on Black Rims | Explained

Rims can be a nightmare for car owners, but knowing how to repair curb rash can save them from the unsettling nightmare. It is significant since it will save you money on replacing your black alloy rims.

Curb rash occurs when the tire makes contact with the curb and scrapes against it. The glory of black shatters when it comes to having black rims. So, how to fix this problem and continue having your black rim on your car?

This is what we will solve in this article and other topics regarding this problem. So, let’s fix your curb rash.

How Do Black Rims Get Curb Rash?

To describe the damage caused to the vehicle by bumping into curbs, we use the term curb rash. Curb rash can happen for various reasons that depend on the type of car.

-Bumps on the road produce uneven tire wear, the most typical cause.

-Tires wear unevenly due to varying braking distances.

– Hard or late braking, resulting in uneven tire wear.

– Uneven tire wear due to the vehicle flying too low in the air at certain speeds. A bump is created when the wheel’s rim contacts the curb.

How To Fix Curb Rash on Black Rims?

Here are three simple methods for black alloy rims with curb rash.

Method number: 1

In this method, you’ll need

  • Sandpaper
  • Putty filler
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Thin coating
  • Relative black color (matte or glossy)
  • Tape and paper

After having the items above, follow the steps below:

1. Cleaning and preparing the area:

This is a critical step in any car repair. Unless you remove any wax or polish residue from prior cleanings, your job may not turn out as you had hoped. Clear the damaged area with relative materials.

2. Sanding

After cleaning, you’ll need to use a specific grit of sandpaper to smooth off the surface. Use sandpaper with 240-grit to smooth the area for the black alloy rim.

To achieve the desired feathering effect while painting, sand the surface to 1/4 of an inch farther than the scratches.

Using a filler putty, fill in any little dents or deep scratches on the surface. Then sand the putty with 600 grit sandpaper to fit the rim. You’ll be able to start painting on a nice, flat surface after doing this.

For chrome black rim, Sand using 220 grit paper. Scuff marks may remain even after polishing until no pits or damage are evident. Wet-sand blemishes using 400-800-grit, then 1200-grit sandpaper. This prevents buildup from scratching chrome. If required, apply putty filler.

 3. Painting

Remove the sanding dust from the work area. It will ensure that the paint is uniformly distributed. It would help if you used masking tape to cover the damaged part and newspaper to shield the rest of the rim. Make sure the tire isn’t painted on the underside of the rim.

After spraying a thin coating evenly over the rim for the black alloy rim, wait one hour and wet sand using sandpaper with 1200 grit. For complete coverage, allow one hour between coats and continue this process twice or more. The clear coat should be wet sanded to blend the old and new paints together. Applying a clear coat is just as simple as applying a layer of paint. Do not touch the masking tape for at least 24 hours.  

For black chrome rims, spray paint intended for chrome rims should be used for this. Three layers of paint should be applied in this manner, with drying time between layers. Let the final product dry for at least eight hours before using. Use a chrome polish and a microfiber cloth to clean the whole rim. Thus, the newly painted area will blend in with the old paint without looking out of place.

Using a different coating or color spray, you can also fix curb rash on gloss black rims for chrome and alloy rims.

Method number: 2

This method requires less time and money but don’t expect a perfect result. You can buy and use a curb rash repair kit. It is simple to use but has a cheeky finish.

But people won’t notice from a far distance. These black alloy wheel repair kit market price might be 20$ to 30$.

Method number: 3

Here’s a simple solution if you don’t have time to do it yourself and don’t have any curb rash repair kit. Wheel repair costs $75 to $150 in most places. A professional will use higher-quality materials, better tools, and more experience.

Wheel repair may be as expensive as a new wheel. Buying a new set may be cheaper if you have three or four damaged rims. So, you might need to consider this method wisely.

Method number: 4

Unlike other methods, this method is the easier one. Adding products like RimSavers or RimBlades to your wheels will hide the curb rash and protect them from harm.

Soap and water your wheels, then scrub the lip with alcohol. RimBlades/RimSavers won’t stick without removing dirt and tire shine.

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How To Avoid Curb Rash on Black Rims?

When parking or making tight turns, the rims of a wheel are especially likely to get damaged, take notes from the following points so you can avoid the problem.

1. Unpracticed parallel parkers often hit the curb when backing in. Practice parallel parking in an empty lot with vast open spaces until you’re confident.

2. Be extra careful when driving over curbs or other obstacles. If you must drive over them, go slowly and avoid sudden stops or turns.

3. Check your tire as it can cause curb rash due to uneven tire wear.

4. Use rim protectors.

Is it worth repairing curb rash?

It’s crucial to understand that in some cases, there’s only so much you can do to restore rims. If your car has scratches, scrapes, or tiny dents, this DIY will save you a lot of money! However, if your rim is deformed or flat-spotting has happened, this is too much damage, and you should take it in for a wheel replacement.


Although replacing a wheel or paying an expert to repair curb rash on black rims may be quicker, it will cost you a lot more money to follow one of those routes. Sand, putty, and paint for steel wheels typically cost $50-$150. The same is true for the black alloy. However, the black rim repair cost for a chrome wheel (with only sand putty and paint) starts from $200.

Don’t mind rolling up your sleeves if you’re willing to spend some time gathering the necessary products. You can mostly hide curb rash and make your wheels look brand new in a couple of hours, saving a lot of money.

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