Top-Rated 5 Best Gloss Black Spray Paints For Car | Upgrade Your Car’s Look

To be honest, finding the right spray paint for cars is getting harder and harder.

The market is saturated with identical products that are also versatile. To make your job easy, we have figured out top five best gloss black spray paint for your car.

We can ensure that the product we recommend has all the features you need. More specifically all the paint is either acrylic or enamel based. They all have good brands, have the quickest drying times, and most importantly, are simple to apply, so you will get the best product.

So jump on, and check them thoroughly. Select the right one according to your choice.

5 Best Gloss Black Spray Paint For Car | Experts pick

5 Best Gloss Black Spray Paint For Car | Tested

For your cars, these are the top five gloss black spray paints. Several factors have been taken into account in order to reach our conclusion. Let’s look at them and choose the one you like best.

1. Rust-Oleum Available 252462 Automotive Spray Paint, Gloss Black

Rust-Oleum Available 252462 Automotive 12-Ounce Enamel Spray Paint, Gloss Black

One of the most widely used gloss black spray paints made in the USA is Rust-Oleum 252462. This company sells various kinds of spray paint for automobiles and other vehicles. The availability of this is also very widespread.

Rust-oleum this particular gloss black color is enamel based. Therefore, this color is air-dried on a hard surface. Since it is enamel-based, it will leave you with a gorgeous glossy finish.

This brand’s spray system is also incredible. This features an extra wide fan spray system that will enable you to paint more quickly and smoothly. 

The package contains a total of 12 fluid ounces. which will cover a space on your car of almost 20 feet. Therefore, 4 or 5 bottles of Rust-Oleum spray are probably required if you want to cover your entire car.

Designed for use on both interior and exterior surfaces, this gloss black spray from Rust-Oleum qualifies for both applications. Nevertheless, it is also useful for touch-ups, so it can be applied to other minor issues.

This paint has UV resistance as well as weather resistance, which makes it one of its best qualities. So rough weather like rain is not going to damage the color. The color will be liquid with a thickness of 1 inch. So ultimately you will be able to paint it easily on any type of vehicle.

Key Feature:

  • Enamel Paint
  • UV/weather resistant
  • Matte finish

Our experience with the product:

The nozzle on this paint was extra wide, making the application incredibly simple and quick. Gasoline was not reacting with this paint. They might leave some Stoney surface but that is easily fixable. The spray tip had some issues. As a result, the liquid was dropped occasionally. Other than that everything was fantastic.


  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting paint


  • The spray tip needs to be upgraded

2. Dupli-Color Epae10000 Premium Spray Paint (Pae100 Gloss Black 12 Oz)

Dupli-Color Epae10000 Premium Acrylic Enamel Spray Paint (Pae100 Gloss Black 12 Oz)

Dupli color is a German-based company that produces high-quality spray paint for automobiles. Depending on the price range, they provide different colors of packages. Epae 10000 premium acrylic is what we’re talking about here.

This one is acrylic but enamel-based gloss black spray paint. So it won’t take long for your vehicle or house. According to the brand, it dries to the touch in about 25 minutes.

In addition, it isn’t prone to dropping on your floor, so you won’t have to worry about staining it. This also doesn’t require any sanding. You’ll eventually fall in love with the color’s gloss texture.

You will receive a total of 12 Fluid Ounces with each paint pack. In order to paint a medium-sized car, 4 to 5 bottles of paint will be required. The most intriguing aspect of this color is that there are no surface borders to apply. You are allowed to apply this on steel, plastic, wood, or even fiberglass.

In a similar vein, this is not merely car paint. It is applicable to any other type of vehicle. Additionally, you can use it as paint for your home or any other surface you desire.

Since this paint has the maximum rust-resistant features, it will ultimately prevent your car from needing additional repairs. Additionally, it features Fusion Plastic Adhesion Technology, making it relatively simple to paint any other rough surface.

Key Feature:

  • Acrylic Enamel Paint
  • Rust resistant
  • Fusion Plastic Adhesion Technology
  • Applicable in different types of surface

Our experience with the product:

The application of this color was not that bad though. Although the color was an acrylic enamel, urethane would perform more effectively. It doesn’t require any sanding which was a big relief. The nozzle was sufficiently wide, making it fairly easy to apply the color. It only took a day to dry, not much longer. However, each can have the same color.


  • Super fast dry
  • Doesn’t require any prep or sanding


  • The color is slightly darker than it appears to be.

3. Quicksilver 802878Q1 Phantom Black – Gloss Enamel Spray Paint

Quicksilver 802878Q1 Phantom Black - Gloss Enamel Spray Paint

Australia-based Quicksilver is a paint manufacturer that makes some exceptional paint for cars. They make quality and distinctive colors. One of the collection’s well-known items is Quicksilver 802878Q1.

In this product, Quicksilver debuted the color phantom black. However, it is unique despite having less shine than typical black. The color of this quicksilver item is enamel-based, and it has an incredibly glossy finish.

Therefore, since it is enamel-based, it will ensure quick drying. Unlike other colors, this one advised only using the exterior portion. Not much of it is suitable for the inside.

This paint also comes in a 12-fluid-ounce quantity, just like other kinds. However, with its 6-pack color, you will be able to paint your whole car, boat, or mini truck.

The paint is specifically designed for use with MerCruiser engines and drives and Mercury outboard motors. So it’s best for any type of marine boat and vehicle. But other than this you can also use other regular car engines and parts.

This spray’s nozzle is quite effective; it provides a perfect spread and excellent adhesion. Interestingly the color is washable. Water splashes won’t cause it to come out. Extremely flammable liquids or vapors, however, could damage the color.

Key Feature:

  • Enamel Paint
  • Washable color
  • Faster drying
  • Applicable in different types of surface

Our experience with the product:

When used in an old boat engine, this paint produces a color that is identical to that of a freshly manufactured neutral. It was quite shiny and glossy, but not in the way that other paints are. Not sure, but it seems the color has a matte appearance. The spraying apparatus was convenient. It also complemented the mercury cover flawlessly. The color was a bit dwindling but it seemed pretty solid. Regular washings have also been performed on it but the fundamental texture was unchanged.


  • It quickly dries out.
  • Washable paint.


  • It occasionally appears to be gray rather than black.
  • No UV or rust-resistant feature

4. Krylon K02702007 Fusion All-In-One Gloss Black Spray Paint

Krylon K02702007 Fusion All-In-One Gloss Black Spray Paint

Krylon is a paint manufacturer based in the United States that produces paint for automobiles and other items. Krylon 2702 model’s introduced a unisex all-in-one color, which means you can use this color on different surfaces. This paint is also reasonably easy to find.

Krylon 2702 is a non-enamel black paint, which can also be used as a primer. This medium is not enamel or acrylic, but it is still capable of drying quickly. You can expect a decent gloss finish from these Krylon paints.

Despite only coming in one pack, the quantity will be the standard 12 fluid ounces.

Consequently, you need to purchase more items for large projects because one bottle won’t be enough.

The primary quality of this color is that it was created especially for use on plastic surfaces. But other than plastic you can also use it on metal, wood, or even any hard surface.

This paint has both rust protection and fade-resistant characteristics. Therefore, if you use it on metal, you will receive the highest level of protection. After extended use, the color will not deteriorate.

The spray nozzle is wide and can distribute the color properly. This is suitable for use on surfaces both inside and outside. Make sure the temperature is between 55 and 75 degrees and the humidity is under 60 to achieve the best results. When working, especially outside, you must adhere to this.

You will be able to dry to touch in 20 minutes, but you must wait at least an hour for the handle.

Key Feature:

  • Fast drying
  • Rust and fade resistant
  • Unisex, applicable in different types of surface
  • Can be used in both interior and exterior

Our experience with the product:

In our experience, it is ideal for everyday use. It has been used on plastic flower pots, wooden furniture, and toys. The color dried pretty quickly no doubt. But it seems one layer is not able to give a solid color or the core glossiness. Multiple layers or at least two layers would be preferable.

Almost every surface, including those made of plastic, wood, and metal, worked flawlessly. However, on plastic, it dried more quickly than other materials.


  • No run, no drips
  • Can be used on plastic


  • Not good for vehicles

5. Seymour 20-1679 PBE Professional Spray Paint, Semi-Gloss Black

Seymour 20-1679 PBE  Spray Paint, Semi-Gloss Black

Seymour is another classic spray paint producer based in the United States. They have been producing spray colors for automobiles for more than five decades. Seymour 20-1679 is doing pretty well in the market as professional trim spray paint.

Seymour 20-1679 is an acrylic-based semi-gloss black spray color. It is a solvent-based material. You will benefit from the quick drying property because this is an acrylic-based product. Additionally, it prepares for the second layer fairly quickly.

This is beneficial for users who prefer semi-gloss to full gloss because semi-gloss provides a more subtle finish. Unlike other black spray brands, this one will provide you with a total of 15 fluid ounces. Additionally, you can choose to purchase spray in packs of 1, 2, or even 6.

Although this spray is intended specifically for metal surfaces, you can experiment with it on other types of surfaces. But you won’t receive the best performance in that scenario.

The color is resistant to fading when exposed to ultraviolet lights. Additionally, it performs admirably against harmful chemical substances. In addition to this, it also has properties that make it heat resistant. The color has a 250-degree Fahrenheit temperature tolerance.

The application will be incredibly simple because of the gun system nozzle spray that it has. There won’t be any preparation, cleanup, or waste of time. Just open and apply. This semi-gloss paint gives your car a more vibrant look.

Key Feature:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Fade-resistant
  • VOC compliant
  • Metal-focused but applicable in different types of surface

Our experience with the product:

These paints have been applied to antique cars. It’s a really well-defined color no doubt. However, it appears that the boom cans and fan spray were not the best fit. Due to the large head nozzle, it releases an excessive amount of paint. So we needed more cans to finish the work. It didn’t call for any additional preparation or anything. Most importantly, it quickly dries out. So the time was saved.


  • Super fast dry
  • A large spray head makes application easier.


  • The US is the intended market for products with electrical plugs. Voltage may vary from one country to another

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How We Have Selected The Top Quality Gloss Black Spray Paint For Cars Out Of Many?

It can be difficult to find the best spray paint among thousands of options. There are numerous factors you should consider when selecting the best one. We also have gone through that in order to give you the right spray for your car.

Spray painting a car with gloss black paint

Let’s see the factor that helps to figure out the right black spray paint for your car.

  • Paint Type

There are different types of black spray paint present for cars. You have to check whether it’s an enamel-based color or an acrylic color. Though the market is full enamel-based color because its resistant power is insane. But acrylic is also good. Mainly enamel-based colors are oil-based and acrylic-based colors are water-based.

So acrylic color dries very fast and the color doesn’t turn out yellowish or reddish after a period. But this issue has an enamel-based color. So you have to make a decision thoroughly whether you need resistance or purity.

  • Timing for Dry Out

It’s a crucial factor because nobody wants to spend all day painting their car. So the timing for colors to dry out is important. On top of that if you want to put multiple layer colors you always need fast drying. So here enamel-based color will give you fast drying but it won’t be faster than the acrylic color.

Since acrylic color is water-based, it dries out very quickly. Emulsion paint is also driest pretty quickly but that is quite rare nowadays.

  • Surface Priority

Colors are produced for applying different types of surfaces. Some colors are only suitable for metal, some are good for wood, plastic, or plywood. The good color has the characteristics of applying to every surface. It works on almost all types of surfaces. Here enamel-based and acrylic based both types of color have that factor. But somehow enamel-based color is a bit better in this area.

The reason is that enamel-based color creates a strong bond with the surface. So it doesn’t come out that easily. Acrylic also does well but it won’t last long when it’s not its priority surface.

  • Glossiness

Since we are working here with the best gloss spray paint color. so we have to make the color give enough glossiness. If we compare enamel-based color and acrylic-based color. Enamel-based color gives a glossier look. The reason is enamel colors are oils based and it’s quite thicker than acrylic.

On the other hand, acrylic colors are water-based and less thick than other colors. So technically enamel paint gives a more appropriate glossy look over acrylic.

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Why You Should Trust Us

As a dedicated car enthusiast, We have tried and tested countless gloss black paint options for cars. We understand the importance of choosing the right paint that not only gives your vehicle a sleek and polished finish but also offers lasting protection. Our expertise in this field means that we have an eye for detail and can identify the best products available. With our unbiased and thorough approach, you can rely on our reviews to provide you with accurate and reliable information. Autoguidehub’s goal is to help you make an informed decision about the best gloss black paint for your car, ensuring that you get the results you desire.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about black spray paint for automobiles. We hope this has provided you with some insight.

What type of paint is best for a car?

Whenever you are going to pick paint for your car try to remember a few things. First, check if the color is enamel-based or acrylic based. Because Enamel-based or acrylic-based color doesn’t come out quickly, as they are well bonded.

Secondly, this type of color dries pretty quickly. So it will save you time. Finally, it’s very shiny. So better if you pick a color that is one of these.

How to make gloss spray paint more glossy?

If you want to make your gloss spray paint more glossy you have something extra. Generally, gloss paint is glossy, but if you want to make it more superior you have to put a double layer.

On top of that, you’ve made the last layer quite thick. If you do that your car will be shiny and it will last for decades.

Finally, if you want to give it a shiny appearance for a while, you can polish it. However, that won’t make it last any longer.

What is the appropriate temperature to spray paint a car?

When you spray paint your car make sure the temperature is between 55F to 70F. Along with that, the humidity needs to be 50% to 60%. This way you will get the best result.

Should I prime first and then spray, or the reverse?

You need to do the prime first and then spray. The reason is primer makes sure the maximum adhesion, and adhesion means your paint will last longer.

How long should I wait for the second coat after putting in the first coat?

It mostly depends on the paints. If your paint is enamel-based it will dry out pretty quickly, in that case, you just need to wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Otherwise, depending on the type of paint, you must wait 10 to 20 minutes.


Final Thoughts

The following is a list of the best gloss black spray paint for cars. These are the best car paints on the market, chosen after careful consideration of numerous factors.

These five spray paints were chosen based on the types of colors, finishes, drying times, and application times. In addition to this, we also pay attention to minor elements like surface suggestions, spray types, and protection capacities.

You can choose from any of these paint for your car, and you will undoubtedly receive your expected result. If you’re looking for advice on which of these five is even better, we’d suggest number 4. Krylon unisex.

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