How To Remove Socket Stuck On Spark Plugs: The Easiest Way

Spark plugs are a crucial part of an engine. Essentially, this is what ignites the fuel and air mixture inside the cylinder. Over time, they wear out, which can lead to problems in your engine. As a result, they must be replaced after a set amount of time for an engine to perform smoothly and flawlessly.

Although replacing spark plugs is a fairly easy task, and can be done at home with common hand tools. But you can often run into a few problems. Thus, changing them can get quite challenging at times, as it tends to get stuck inside the engine.

If it happened to you, don’t panic; we’ll go over the steps for removing a socket stuck on spark plugs. Later on in this article, we will also cover the easy way to remove stubborn spark plugs stuck inside the engine. So keep reading!

How To Remove A Socket Stuck On A Spark Plug?

There are a few ways to pull out a socket stuck on a spark plug. But before we jump into it, remember to use the correct sockets in the future and prevent yourself from wasting unnecessary time and energy.

  • Try inserting a long extension and wiggling it around until it becomes loose, but in the process, it’s pretty sure that you can’t use that plug again.
  • Jb welding the extension to the socket will work however, make sure to let the jb cure long enough so that you don’t preemptively break the weld by rushing it.
  • Grinding the socket can also be an option if nothing works, but then again, you might have to replace the spark plug with a new one.
  • Use your needle-nose pliers to hold onto the socket while you attempt to unscrew it from the spark plug. Make sure that your pliers are securely gripping onto the socket so that they don’t slip off while you are trying to unscrew it from its current position on top of your car’s engine block.

How Do Spark Plugs Get Stuck?

Socket Stuck On Spark Plugs hole

There are many ways in which a spark plug can get stuck inside an engine. The most common reason behind this problem is them getting seized. This means something is building up around them, which is preventing it from coming out.

Carbon usually builds up around the tip of the plugs, which holds it in place when you try to pull out the plug. In addition, the plugs getting corroded can also be the reason for them being stuck inside.

Now, you might be wondering about the ways to remove these plugs with carbon deposits or corrosion on them. Talking about corrosion, can I use wd40 to loosen spark plugs? Yes, it can be used without any problems. To know how wd40 helps and the other ways you can pull out a stuck spark plug, continue reading!

How To Pull Out A Stuck Spark Plug?

There are a lot of ways you can remove them. One method might be easier or more effective for you than the other, depending on how well the plugs’ are stuck to the engine.

It can get quite difficult if it is trapped well inside the engine, you might need to use a few procedures altogether discussed below:

  • The most common technique for removing a stuck plug involves using a breaker bar and the appropriate socket. A breaker bar may exert more power than a wrench, which may be enough to dislodge the plugs.
  • Second, you can apply any penetrating oil, including WD-40. Dissolving any built-up rust or deposit will assist in loosening them. Wd40 performs admirably and may be safely inserted into the plug hole.
  • Thirdly, the spark plug can also be loosened using a heat gun.

If you still fail to remove it, try all the methods mentioned earlier together. However, somehow if it still doesn’t work:

  • Vise grips can be useful too. However, there is a very good potential that it will harm the engine or even the spark plug directly. Thus, you should only use this procedure in the event that all other options have failed.

Please take extra time to clean them, and part of the engine from which you just removed the plugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

After learning everything there is to know about spark plugs getting stuck and removing them when stuck, let’s look at some frequently asked questions.

How to clean carbon deposits or rust on a spark plug?

Carbon deposits can be easily cleaned by using wire brushes or by using chemical cleaners. Moreover, wd40 can also be used to remove rust.

What to do with old spark plugs?

You can recycle it any way you want. However, disposing of them is fine as they are quite small and are sometimes not worth the time spent sending them to the recycling center.


Removing a socket stuck on spark plug or a trapped plug can be very tedious in some cases and might require patience and elbow grease. But hopefully, the methods discussed throughout the article will make the task easier for you.

Try using the right tools and spark plugs for your car to prevent them or the sockets from getting trapped in the future. Whether to save money or just enthusiasm, I am proud of you for learning and working on your car!

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