Can I Use Wd40 To Loosen Spark Plugs : Experts Answer

Saving up for a new car is hard! But it’s harder to maintain the beauty of that car in the long run. Especially spark plugs in your engine, as they are prone to corrosion. So as they say for cars, wd40 is essential. Can it help to remove corrosion and loosen spark plugs?

Wondering, “can I use wd40 to loosen spark plugs”? Yes! Wd40 is excellent in terms of wiping out corrosion off your spark plug and loosening it to maintain the longevity of your hard-earned vehicle.

But surely maintaining your spark plug is not the only thing that your car needs maintenance. And surely wd40 has more applications to ensure good health to your car than just loosening spark plugs. Stay tuned, as we will discuss them all!

Can I Use Wd40 To Loosen Spark Plugs?

You definitely can use them as a lubricant for your spark plugs. Loosening of plugs is required if rust is formed, and WD-40 is a blind choice for it.

The actual ingredients and formula of wd40 are still unknown to this very day. Nonetheless, it is known to contain ingredients that help remove water from objects. Hence acts as an anti-corrosion lubricant.

Moreover, spark plugs can get clogged by dirt and dust as well. WD-40 will have no problem removing them since it includes ingredients that help in penetration and removing soil and dirt.

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Other Applications of WD-40

As suggested by its name, WD-40 Multi-Use Product has lots of different applications in just the maintenance of cars. If accounted for uses in daily life, it’s nearly uncountable. But for the sake of this article, we shall stick to the uses and applications in cars only.

Keeps Our Spark Plugs Clean

As already discussed, spark plugs are prone to corrosion and dust formation. WD-40 helps in preventing corrosion as well as keeping dust away. But there is one small detail left to discuss. Spark plug wires are prone to overheating and melting from headers.

So how to protect spark plug wires from headers? Well, the most basic and effective way is to insulate the wires with a heat shield. But then again, nothing beats regular maintenance!

Doesn’t Let Mud Stick To Your Car

Off-road driving can be fun and greatly thrilling. But it turns a lot of us down from off-road driving due to how messy our car gets. But worry not anymore; with WD-40, we can prevent mud and dirt from sticking to our vehicles. Just spray some of the product and remember to wash it at the end of the day.

Doesn’t Let Bugs Stick To Your Car

Encountering bugs is not something uncommon, especially in rural areas. With the velocity at which we travel, it’s unavoidable to crash into flying bugs. But WD-40 does not let bugs stick to your fancy car like mud and make a mess.

Helps In Cleaning

WD-40 does not only prevent dead bugs stick to your car. If by any chance, dead bugs or bird feces end up sticking to your vehicle, it will clean it right off. Just spray some WD-40, and after 30 seconds, wash it off with some water and soap. Every bit of dirt will come right off.

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Prevent Rust In Brake Calipers

Braking is a very heavy-duty machine mechanism in our vehicle. So it is not surprising for brake calipers to wear off in the long run. But WD-40 can help ensure a long-lasting braking system in your car.

As the brakes are very close to the tire, it is very likely for some mud and water to come in contact with the brakes and is prone to rust. As we can not keep air out from our braking system, a regular cleaning with WD-40 will surely keep water out to prevent corrosion.

But how to clean brake calipers? It is very easy. Just use a wire brush or sand blasting with some WH-40 and some water and soap. That should wipe all the mud and dirt out of your braking system.


We have discussed so far why WD-40 is such a common item in the car maintenance discussion. Simply because of the multitudes of applications WD-40 has in maintaining a vehicle.

But of all the applications, you may ask, can I use wd40 to loosen spark plugs? Well, YES! It can easily remove dirt and rust that may clog spark plugs and hence can easily loosen it.

But no matter how many ‘Too Good To Be True’ products such as WD-40 we may use, it is useless at the end of the day. If we fail to care for and maintain our cars and hobbies, it doesn’t matter how much we invest in our maintenance equipment. So make sure of all things, adore your hobby and your lovely automobile darling.

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