How To Clean White Leather Car Seats | A Guide to Sparkling Clean

How To Clean White Leather Car Seats

Be it a vintage car or a new luxurious car, white leather seats provide a splendid look and feel. The white interior also keeps the car cooler by reflecting excess heat. However, white leather seats require more care and maintenance since even the tiniest stain is visible and requires cleaning. So, while you own white … Read more

How To Remove Super Glue From Car Dashboard – No More Super Glue Hassles

How To Remove Super Glue From Car Dashboard

Super glue is an excellent material for repairing everyday household items, including damaged plastic, metal, etc. However, it can be frustrating when superglue drips or is left on an inappropriate surface. When superglue spills on your car’s dashboard, you need not panic because the superglue can be removed. You only need acetone, hot water, and … Read more

What Happens If A Spark Plug Gap Is Too Small – Symptoms and Solutions

What Happens If A Spark Plug Gap Is Too Small

Every vehicle has a unique spark plug gap specification, which is integral to proper engine performance. Over time, this gap may become too wide as the electrode wears or too small due to a damaged piston. So what happens if the spark plug gap is too small? This may lead to various engine issues like … Read more

What Is Ceramic Coating Car Wash? All You Need To Know

What Is Ceramic Coating Car Wash

The feeling is unmatched when we attain ownership of our favorite car. But the enthusiasm is short-lived when the factory’s new color starts fading within a week. That’s where we resort to the ceramic coating car wash. But what is ceramic coating car wash? In simple terms, unlike traditional car wash ceramic coating car wash … Read more

Top 8 Best Car Wash Soap for Pressure Washer: A Comprehensive Review

Best Car Wash Soaps for Pressure Washers

Giving your car a clean wash is the most pleasing way to restore its appearance. The use of a pressure washer simplifies and expedites this washing process. Then the results are more pleasurable when you combine pressurized water and a suitable car wash soap. The soap’s compounds can release dirt and grease, which the pressure … Read more

Top 6 Best Car Wash Soap for Hard Water -Say Goodbye to Hard Water Spots

Best Car Wash Soap for Hard Water

Stats suggest that 85% of US water is hard water. If you’re planning the next maintenance wash for your car with hard water, remember: So you’ve to choose a car wash soap for hard water that can strip minerals from water and is gentle with a pH-neutral formula. If you’ve got a waxed car, you … Read more