How To Remove Super Glue From Car Dashboard – No More Super Glue Hassles

Super glue is an excellent material for repairing everyday household items, including damaged plastic, metal, etc. However, it can be frustrating when superglue drips or is left on an inappropriate surface.

When superglue spills on your car’s dashboard, you need not panic because the superglue can be removed. You only need acetone, hot water, and a clean cloth. There are various alternatives for acetone that we will look at.

Acetone is commonly known as nail polish remover. Remember, you have to be patient for the process to work. Here is how to remove super glue from car dashboard.

Can You Remove Super Glue From Car Dashboard?

Yes, you may eliminate super glue from a car dashboard. However, ensure to be careful when removing it to avoid damaging your dashboard. You may use soapy water to soften the super glue bonds before moving forward to apply acetone.

If the dashboard has paint on it, use nitromethane. It is less harsh than acetone and does not damage the paint.

Things Needed To Remove Super Glue From Car Dashboard

You need some essentials before you proceed to get super glue off. They are;

  • Hand gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Acetone/nitromethane
  • Soapy water
  • Vinegar/vegetable oil/coconut oil
  • Blow dryer
  • Clean cloth
  • Scrub brush with soft bristles

Methods To Remove Superglue From Car Dashboard

The best option is acetone. However, acetone can be pretty harsh on surfaces. So if you have a painted dashboard, you must find an alternative to remove glue without damaging paint.

The alternatives include nitromethane, boiling water, vinegar, alcohol or ethanol, and a hairdryer. Nitromethane is less harsh than acetone, and it does not damage the paint or finish.

Let us look at how you can eliminate super glue from the dashboard. 

How To Remove Super Glue From Car Dashboard Using Acetone- A Step By Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide of eliminating super glue Using Acetone . We will also look at the alternatives to acetone.

Applying Acetone
Apply Acetone

● Protective wear

Ensure you wear gloves to protect your hands from acetone and the superglue itself. Also, keep the car doors open to allow ventilation due to the acetone fumes.

● Soapy/hot water

To remove dried super glue, soak a cloth in hot water and lay it on the dashboard for about 10-20 minutes to loosen up the superglue. If the superglue is not dried, soapy water may be used as a substitute for hot water.

● Applying acetone

Acetone can be harsh on painted surfaces. Before applying it to the area ensure you dilute it and test it out in another place. Let it stay for about 10 minutes. If no damage is done, proceed to apply it to the car dashboard.

Put the acetone on a clean cloth and lightly dab the glue. The hot water has already softened the glue, so acetone will further break down the super glue bond, and it is now easier to wipe off the superglue.

If there are superglue remains, add more acetone and use a brush with soft bristles to gently scrub the area till all the glue is gone. Ensure you proceed slowly to avoid using too much acetone.

● Cleaning the area

Now that the glue is eliminated, you must clean the adhesive remover from car dashboard. Wipe the dashboard with a clean cloth and water, and wipe the dashboard until all the acetone is gone. Now you have a super glue-free car dashboard.

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Alternatives For Removing Super Glue From Car Dashboard

Acetone is very powerful and, in some cases, dangerous. It can damage your car’s dashboard if used excessively and is very flammable. Acetone is not the best option, especially around children.

Using a hairdryer

  • A hair dryer loosens up dried glue or sticky residue.
  • Then get superglue off with a cloth soaked in hot water or a soft brush to scrub the glue out.

Using alcohol or ethanol

Although ethanol can be quite a strong solvent, some super glue varieties may be resistant to it. Isopropyl alcohol is a more robust alternative than ethanol. You may use Isopropyl alcohol on more potent varieties of superglue.

applying Alcohol
Apply Alcohol

Remember to wear a dust mask and test it on another surface before applying it to the dashboard.

Using vinegar or vegetable oil

Vinegar is a solvent, and it breaks down the properties of superglue. Although acetone is more potent than vinegar, vinegar can eliminate weak superglue and is much safer than acetone.

Lightly dab the glue with vinegar and let the cloth settle on the dashboard for a couple of minutes. Then, rub the adhesive using a cloth soaked in hot water.

Vegetable oil is used to loosen super glue bonds. Let it sit for a few hours before wiping away the glue with a damp cloth.

How Long Will It Take To Remove Super Glue From Car Dashboard?

It depends on your method to eliminate the super glue from the dashboard, what type of superglue you are dealing with and the superglue’s state.

When using acetone, it takes about 20-25 minutes to get the superglue off ultimately. If the superglue is dry, it takes about 30-35 minutes.

Alcohol and vinegar take much longer to break down the superglue, so the scrubbing process takes 40-60minutes. Vegetable oil takes hours to loosen the superglue fully.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article answers the question of how to remove super glue from the dashboard. If the dashboard is painted, use acetone or alternative chemicals such as nitromethane.

Ensure you work in a well-ventilated car to prevent hazardous effects from the solvents’ fumes. Be patient when applying hot water to the dashboard. Let the cloth settle for a few minutes before proceeding to eliminate the glue.

You can substitute the cloth for a scrub brush if the glue does not come off quickly.

For strong solvents like acetone and isopropyl, test them out on a separate surface before applying them to the dashboard to ensure the solvents do not damage your dashboard.

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