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3M tape is a lifesaver for many since it sticks perfectly and for a long time on any surface. Whether you want to attach things to your car dashboard or a long-lasting solution to place a key holder on the wall, it will serve perfectly.

But what if you want to remove this 3M tape after some time? Does 3M tape damage the car dashboard if you want to remove it? The answer depends on how cautiously you remove it. That tiny piece of foam or tape will break up into a thousand pieces when forcefully removed, and based on how cautious and patient you are, it may eventually come off.

Truthfully, those trim parts are not intended to be removed after they have been placed. In this article, we will discuss whether 3M tape damages the car dashboard and how to remove the sticky.

Does 3m Tape Damage Car Dashboard?

3m Tape
3m Tape

The 3M tape can damage the car dashboard if it has a leather cover. Since the 3M has strong adhesion upon removal, there are chances of damaging the car leather. However, if your car dashboard doesn’t have a leather covering, you can easily remove it.

Moreover, placing 3m tape for cars to hold things to the dashboard will keep it firmly since it can bear 90 pounds per inch. So it does not matter whether you place a dashboard camera with 3M tape or any other car prop, it will work fine.

However, there are a few precautions for you to follow when you want to remove the sticky adhesive tape from the car dashboard.

How To Remove 3m Tape Without Damaging The Dashboard?

Although it doesn’t have to be, the 3M tape is known as permanent mounting tape. The sticky double-sided foam adhesive frequently used to affix dashboard cameras, smartphones, and the occasional old GPS navigation system can be appropriately removed using a few steps.

Step 1: Start removing it slowly

Firstly, refrain from using force. The 3M tape is specifically designed to resist that. And if you simply pull on any mounted item, windshield glass, or top of your dashboard, you’ll certainly just shatter it. Exercise patience instead, which is the weakness of 3M mounting tape.

Start by removing one side or edge of the adhesive from the object to which it is attached. To do this, slide a single-edge razor blade or piece of dental floss beneath the attached object’s side.

Step 2: Start Pulling the Tape

Next, begin carefully pulling on the object to try freeing it from whatever it is attached to. A frustratingly slow tug will persuade the tape to release neatly. While a quick pull will cause it to resist and either shred itself or damage the dashboard, making it a nuisance or expensive damage.

To remove the permanent mounting tape without causing harm, pull it slowly and at an angle. As stated before, release a corner of the tape. Then, slowly remove it by pulling at a very slight angle.

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Step 3: Remove Adhesive

After successfully pulling the tape, you will have to remove sticky residue from car dashboard which the tape left. If you have white distilled vinegar on hand, use it with a towel to remove the adhesive residue. Alternatively, use a more powerful adhesive removal solution like Goo Gone. Use a cloth to rub the product on the affected region, or use the product as directed on the label.

Things To Avoid When Removing 3m Tape On Dashboard

Although many experts suggest removing 3M tape using the heat method, where you use a hair dryer or boiling water to remove the tape, heat is a method that doesn’t seem to work.

The substrate appears to become more stretchy after heating permanent mounting tape with a hair dryer, making it harder to pry the adhesive away from the surface it is affixed to.

Moreover, some suggest using acetone as the adhesive for car dashboard. Acetone works best for removing the nasty stain of 3M glue. You can pour some acetone on it and leave it for a while. You can erase the adhesive with a cloth or a sheet of sandpaper after the acetone dissolves it.

But use precaution when applying acetone since chemicals in acetone chip away automobile paint. The paint will dissolve into the substrate owing to this liquid. The harm is not severe if you remove the acetone right away.

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The Takeaway

3M tape can damage the car dashboard if it has a leather cover. However, if your dashboard is made of plastic, you can easily remove it. Above, we listed some effective and damage-proof methods to remove the 3M tape from the car dashboard. We hope you find them helpful!

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