How To Wash A Black Car Without Water Spots

If you own a black car, you know the struggle of trying to maintain its sleek and shiny appearance. But one of the most frustrating challenges can be avoiding water spots after washing. No one wants to spend all that time and effort scrubbing their car, only to have it covered in unsightly spots afterwards. So how can you wash your black car without leaving behind those pesky water spots?

But don’t worry, we are here to make your job easier. Cleaning a black car is tricky, to be honest. But it’s also possible if you use the right tools following the right instruction.

Washing the car to avoid water spots is the same as regular cleaning. But there are some tips and tricks which make the difference.

So come along with us, we will show you the right way how to wash a black car without water spots.

Are Black Cars Hard To Wash?

Are Black Cars Hard To Wash

The answer would be yes. Compared to any other color, black takes real effort to keep clean. Generally, it reveals every single imperfection very easily. People often call it a dust magnet.

In addition, the water spot is an unavoidable problem for the black car. So considering the overall situation, it’s quite hard to wash.

What Are The Reasons For Water Spots On Black Cars?

Among all other problems, the water spot is something which is really hard to get rid of. People think a poor car wash is the only reason for that. Well, that is a solid reason, to be honest.

But haven’t you ever thought of acid rain? There is also the possibility of acid rain leaving water spots.  Let’s check all the common causes of water spots on black car.

Hard Water

Hard water contains high levels of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which can leave behind spots when it dries. These spots are often more noticeable on darker colored cars, including black, because the minerals are more visible on the darker surface.

Improper Washing Technique

If you don’t rinse off the soap from your car thoroughly enough, or if you allow water to dry on the surface of the car, it can lead to water spots. This is especially true if you wash your car in direct sunlight, as the sun can cause the water to dry too quickly.

Poor-quality Products

Using low-quality car wash soap or drying towels can also contribute to water spots. Cheap products may contain impurities or chemicals that can leave behind a residue on the surface of the car, which can lead to water spots when the car is rinsed.

Environmental Factors

Pollution, dust, and other environmental contaminants can all contribute to water spots on a black car. These substances can stick to the surface of the car and mix with the water during washing, leading to spots when the water dries.

Dry Climate

Living in a dry climate can also contribute to water spots on a black car. When the air is dry, it can cause the water to evaporate too quickly, leaving behind mineral deposits and spots on the surface of the car.

Acidic Rain

This is not a very common cause, but it can harm your car drastically. It not only creates the water spots but also makes them permanent.

People have an intention to keep their cars coverless. If their car is exposed to the rain, it will definitely get a bad spot.

When sulfur oxides and nitrogen dioxide stay on the car’s surface for hours, these acid compounds react with the car’s surface. And in the end, it creates a permanent spot on the car’s body.

Water Puddles

There are a lot of people who use water from puddles to clean their black cars. Frankly, a puddle’s water doesn’t look dirty, but it’s actually very filthy. Moreover, it contains so many bad compounds which can damage the car’s surface.

Dirty Water Sprinkles

Most drivers have the experience of getting a splash of filthy water. This is obviously an ordinary cause which can leave water spots on the car.

It generally happens when you are driving, and another car swashing filthy water all over your black car.

In addition, you may experience it if you drive on a broken or muddy path.

How To Avoid Water Spots When Washing A Black Car

Frankly, there is not much difference between a normal car wash and a car wash for clean water spots. The overall cleaning process would be the same. In the end, You have to add an extra step.

Let’s see how you can wash your black car following three quick steps.

  • Manage all the necessary tools – For cleaning the car, you have to procure
  1. Brush
  2. wiper
  3. Car cleaning gel
  4. Dryer

Most people use regular hair shampoo to clean their cars. Honestly, that’s a bad approach.

Regular shampoos are not made for cleaning cars. So better use car cleaning gel. You could also use the power sprayer while washing.

Most often, people used to wash a car with hard water. But it’s not as effective as purified water. So better go for purified mineral water if you have the chance.

Do your wash

Make sure your car is not directly exposed to the sun before you begin. Sun will quickly dry out the water on the car’s surface. Anyway, in the beginning, wash your car with purified water.

Water can be applied by simply sprinkling it from a cup. But it will be better if you use a power washer or power sprayer. After the initial wash, you can apply the car gel.

Use a piece of foam to rub your gel into the car surface. You can also use a piece of towel alternative to foam.

Wipe Out the Excess water

Use a piece of dry towel and wipe out all the excess water after the wash. In this way, your car will dry faster. Besides, the awful spot of water won’t appear.

Let Your Car Dry

This is the most overlooked part of regular cleaning methods. Since we are cleaning to avoid water spots, we can’t skip this part. Here we will wipe all the excess water after a wash.

You can use a dry towel or dry synthetic cloth as a wiper. However, both work well. You need to keep rubbing until the water completely goes off.

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What You Will Need To Wash Your Car?

A proper car wash requires different sorts of tools. Some tools are very common, but some are a little hard to manage. Anyway, if you can’t manage a tool, you can probably find an alternative pretty easily.

Car Cleaning Soap

For your information, don’t mix up regular soap with car cleaning soap. These soaps are specially designed to wash cars. It’s made of strong materials which can perfectly work with car waxes or sealants.
The PH level of this soap is also balanced; so it will easily protect your car’s paint

Plain Hose Without Nozzle

Talking about the hose, the important thing about this product is its flow rate. So when buying a hose make sure it can flow water very quickly.

Wash Mitt

Wash Mitt

when you are choosing your wash mitt. Two things should always be kept in mind. First, the material should be microfibre. Second, the texture needs to be completely soft.

Microfiber or Synthetics Cloth

Normal microfibres are ok for this job. Don’t spend too much on it. Just make sure it has good fabric. And it is soft enough for wiping.

Drier Or Leaf Blower

Drier Or Leaf Blower

If you have a regular leaf blower or a drier, it won’t take long to dry your car. A more powerful drier means faster drying.
However, using this tool is also great to avoid water spots after washing car.

Car Spot Cleaner

Different kinds of products are available in the market but get one of those containing sealants. It’s because the sealant will provide extra protection.


Two types of car wax are available in the market. One is called paint sealant, which is a polymer wax. This is great in terms of long-lasting service.
On the other hand, you can also buy carnauba wax. The specialty of this wax is it can provide a shiny texture after waxing.

A Step By Step Guide

A black car requires more effort in cleaning than any other car. It’s because the black car is always getting dirty too quickly. Moreover, it is very hard to get rid of water spots.

Let’s check out the standard ways of cleaning a black step by step.

Select Suitable Temperature And Location To Wash The Car

Though most people don’t take this point into their consideration, it’s important. Avoid washing the car under direct sun. Rather choose a place where the sun barely reaches.

You can choose your garage or any other shady place. Your ultimate motive should be to opt for a warmer place. Basically, the direct sun dries out the car very quickly during work, which should be avoided.

Washing the Car

Wash your car following normal procedure. Use your car-washing solution like car gel. You could also use a water sprayer for a faster wash. So don’t forget to use your hose and nozzle.

Make sure you are not skipping to wash any spot in your car. When you are finished throwing water, rub with the dry cloaths appropriately.

One quick tip about the water is to avoid regular water that has a high mineral content.

Drying the Car

Now simply dry your car with the drier or other air blowers This is also an important step to avoid water spots. If you don’t have a drier, you can use a small fan. But that will take a long time.

Once done, check whether all parts are dried or not. If it’s not, then keep drying until the water completely goes off.

Moreover, if you skip this part, the spot will be exposed an hour after cleaning.

Apply Spot Vanishing Spray

This is an additional step only for the water spots problem. Since you have a black car, you can use water spot vanishing spray. Your job is to spray all over the car without missing any spot.

Wax The Car

Waxing can be done either using a machine or by hand. Whatever you use, make sure it’s going through all the spots. Don’t take too much break after applying the spot removal spray.

When the spray dries, start waxing your car until it gets shone. And this is the end of this cleaning part.

How To Prevent Water Spots From Appearing On Black Car?

To avoid water spots from the black car, you just need to be more careful. In addition, these three quick tips might be helpful.

Don’t Leave It Dirty

People has a bad habit to leave their car dirty for a long time. When you leave your car like that, the dirt and bad spot will become permanent. So wash it daily.

Don’t Wash Your Car Under Hot Sun

We have talked multiple times about this point earlier. Just avoid direct contact with the sun while washing. Because the sun dries out the water on the car and leaves unwanted spots.

Better do washing in the morning or evening when the sun is not very strong.

Rain-Washed Car Should be Clean Again

If your car gets washed by heavy rain don’t leave it like that. Wash it again with purified water and then dry properly.

Avoid Using Tap Water

Saying hard water means we are indicating regular water. This water contains different types of dirt, which is hard to see through the naked eyes. But it intends to create a water spot.

How To Prevent Water Spots After Car Wash

It’s really annoying when you just have washed your car, and some spots are starting to reveal. Don’t worry, just follow this tip. Hopefully, it might bring a solution.

Try to keep a spot removal spray and a microfibre cloth in your car. Whenever you see bad water spots on the surface of the car. Just spray on that spot and wipe it up with the microfibre cloths.

Don’t need a full wash for this problem.

Final Word

See! It’s not even that hard to get rid of the water spots. To avoid this water spot problem, you have to figure out what is responsible for this. Is it just a bad washing strategy or something else?

A good washing approach can remove water spots. And this approach will succeed when you can manage all the necessary tools.

Besides, start using specialized car products rather than generic ones. For instance, car gel is way better than hair shampoo.

Anyways, we have discussed the whole washing process through a follow-up guide later on. That will give you the answer to how to wash a car without water spots.

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