The Ultimate Guide On How To Fill Car Wash Brush With Soap

If you are reading this article, then I can already tell that you treat your car with care. Professional car washes can cost you more than a grand in a year, and to us, that is a pile of unnecessary costs. But don’t worry as I have come up with the perfect solution for you.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the ultimate guide on how to fill car wash brush with soap so that you can save yourself some bucks and make your car look like a queen. Let’s get your car shining with some detailed guides.

So, buckle up your seatbelts cause we’re out for a ride!

Types of Car wash brush

Do you remember the car wash hose brush that our dads used to use? They have a soap dispensing feature now where the soap flow through the brush automatically, making your work way easier.

The first thing you want to switch to is to get yourself a professional car wash brush. We will take a look at different types of car wash brush that has soap dispensing feature because, let’s be honest, the ones with no soap are of no use.

There are three worth knowing soap dispensing brushes as follows:

  1. Brush Head: You are only provided with the bristle part of a brush along with a grip where you can put your hand and wash away with great pressure and precision.
  2. Telescopic hose brush: Typical broom brushes that have long handle to reach the clouds of dust where your hands cannot. It doesn’t have as good precision as brush heads, but when it comes to speed, it’s the best.
  3. Rotating Brush: Rotating a car wash brush is on the next level of technology when it comes to cleaning. The bristles rotate at a constant speed to give your vehicle the best wash it’s ever had.

How To Fill Car Wash Brush With Soap?

It’s important to understand how to fill your flow through the car wash brush kit with soap as you’ve bought it. Soaking the bristles and then cleaning your car is a thing of the past.

The new flow-through system is currently making its way onto the market, and the question of how to fill car wash brush with soap is becoming more relevant at the same time.

I have come up with a step-by-step guide on how to do it so with these simple 4 steps. You can easily load your liquid on your brush and start dispensing instantly with that automated system.

Step 1: Prepare Your Liquid Soap

At first, prepare your liquid soap by pouring some warm water into a bowl carried out by a cup of liquid dishwashing detergent and 12 tablespoons of powdered laundry detergent. Or you can just buy the liquid soap from a supermarket to save you some time but not bucks.

Step 2: Open the Pit

Most of us get confused here on how to open the pit of this wash brush. Well, it’s pretty easy. Slowly twist at left with that weird-shaped plastic that is present at the middle of the brush head. It will take around 6-7 slow turnings to open the pit.

You might want to be careful while unlatching that weird-shaped plastic because it contains a thin plastic paper at the bottom that is important to that brush of yours.

Step 3: Pour The Liquid

As you have already prepared your liquid, you may now slowly start pouring that in the pit you just opened. You definitely should not pour more than needed in it as it may show some spillage.

Step 4: Lock-Up And Get Ready To Use

After the pouring task is complete, put the plastic back on. One thing to keep in mind is the plastic paper that is attached to it. First, insert the plastic paper carefully and then the weird-shaped plastic. After it’s all set, keep turning it rightward until it doesn’t move.

Don’t forget that you can control the flow of liquid by twisting the weird-shaped plastic leftwards by a turn or two. As you turn left, the flow of liquid increases, and more of your soap is given out to clean your vehicle. Adjust it to your own preference and enjoy the automated cleaning.

How Do You Use A Flow Through Car Wash Brush?

The best way to use a flow through car wash brush is by using it with your hose. All you need to do is attach the hose end to your garden hose and turn on the water supply. Make sure that you also turn off the water supply at the other end of your garden hose so that all of the water flows through your brush instead of just spraying out in all directions.

As soon as you have done this, start moving your car wash brush back and forth over the desired area while making sure that the bristles stay moist with water so they don’t dry out prematurely. By doing this, you’ll be able to clean away dirt, grime and other contaminants from your car without having to worry about damaging it.

Is It Worth Using A Car Wash Brush With Soap Dispenser?

It is definitely worth using it. Why would you not use an advanced system that makes your work easier? The pros undoubtedly outnumber the cons in every aspect.

The flow-through brush has better control of soap and efficiency. You don’t have to wait for your long broom to soak in the soap before using it, and you don’t have to wait for it to soak out after you’re done.

It might cost you a little more than your long broom brush but think of it as an investment. For a few bucks, you can save your precious time and hard work.


I hope I was able to give your answer on how to fill car wash brush with soap in a detailed manner. With those 4 basic steps, you can easily pour your soap now into that broom. I highly recommend you to switch to this soap dispensing professional car wash brush if you are still using the old ones.

Out of all these brush types, the rotating brush is my favorite one. You don’t need even to move your hands technically, just place it where it needs to be cleaned and it does the job.

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