Foam Gun Vs Foam Cannon: The Ultimate Comparison

The use of additional accessories makes it more efficient when it comes to pressure washing. The most effective way for this will be to select equipment that allows both to soap and rinse the washing surface. In these circumstances, what can be more brilliant options than foam gun and foam cannon?

While both share the same purpose, there is an everlasting debate among car enthusiasts about foam gun vs foam cannon. Some claim that a foam gun is better for precision in cleaning, while others believe that foam cannon is a better choice for efficient and scratch less washing.

In this article, we will discuss in depth the similarities and differences between the tools. And by the end, we will show you the two best options so you don’t have to look anywhere else. So, let’s dig in!

Foam Gun Vs Foam Cannon

While they might seem similar, the two tools differ a lot in many ways. There are certain factors that can determine which one you should go for. This section will dive into a detailed comparison between foam gun vs foam cannon.


The most important factor that needed to be taken into account is the cost. The average cost for a foam gun is almost about $20-$60. Whereas the cost required for a foam cannon is $20-$80, excluding fittings that you have to buy.

Undoubtedly, between these two, the foam gun is the winner here. It is much cheaper than foam cannon.

Pressure Needed to Clean

Normally, a foam gun uses the standard pressure of a garden hose for cleaning. But, a foam cannon needs pressure wash to provide a high-pressure water flow.

Sometimes, due to insufficient pressure, foam cannons will only work when it is flipped upside down. In this case, you have to increase the pressure of your pressure washer to use it in a normal way. But, a few foam cannons are designed to work upside down.


It is an important factor in cleaning. Proper cleaning of the whole surface along with the hard-to-reach areas is desirable.

It is easier to access hard-to-reach areas by using a foam gun. A foam gun provides more precise control and comfort than a foam cannon.

Cleaning Efficiency

The Foam cannons use pressurized water. This water pressure helps to break down the dirt from the car’s surface. So the cleaning achieved will be way better than that of a foam gun.

For getting a better cleaning effect hand wash is done after using foam cannon. First, you have to use foam cannon to clean the surface as much as possible. Much dirt might still be left. So, you better wash the car with your hand to take care of that dirt.

Amount of Soap Used

Foam guns use less amount of soap for cleaning. Inversely, a foam cannon requires a large amount of soap to create excessive foam output. But for getting a thick foam layer by using a foam gun, you have to use a more tremendous amount of soap than is normally needed.

However, while wondering if can you use any soap in a foam cannon, check out everything that you need to know.


In a foam gun, the spray will be thinner and roll down from the surface. Because the water soap mixture is a dilute solution and water doesn’t have much pressure. Thus, it is suitable for smaller surface cleaning.

On the contrary, foam cannons will have a thicker layer of foam. Besides, that will also stay for a longer period on the surface which can cover a larger area more quickly.

Prevention of Swirl Marks While Cleaning

More aggressive foam will produce great lubrication. As foam cannons use pressurized water, more aggressive foam generation occurs than any foam gun.

The risk of swirl marks is disproportionate to the lubrication. So, foam cannons will provide a safer cleaning than foam guns. There is a high risk of getting scratches or swirl marks on the car’s surface if you use a foam gun.

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Foam Gun Vs Foam Cannon: Comparison Chart

You already know the differences between a foam gun and a foam cannon. Let’s have a look at the entire section in a nutshell.

             Foam Gun               Foam Cannon
Cheaper alternativeUsually more expensive than a foam gun
Used with a garden hoseRequires a pressure washer
Easy installationDifficult to install
Have a lower output than a foam cannonGreater output
Takes long to applyQuick application
Uses more soap and shampooUses less soap and shampoo
Produces a thin layer of sudsCreate thicker suds than a foam gun
Risk of swirl marksSafer than foam gun

So, which one is better? Both of them are great options and you just have to choose, considering your preferences.

Best Foam Gun And The Best Foam Cannon

Now that you know their differences hope you are ready to decide which one to go for. To save you time and effort, we already searched the entire web to bring you the two best options.

Best Foam Gun: Chemical Guys Foam Blaster 6

The Chemical Guys foam gun has a capacity of up to 32 ounces, which makes it large enough for fairly challenging operations but yet designed to connect to a typical garden hose. But certain sacrifices are inevitable because of its affordable pricing.

Best Foam Canon: Chemical Guys Foam 8 Cannon

On the other hand, the Chemical Guys foam cannon is not the friendliest when it comes to price. Yet, for cleaning, it’s the best. With its calculated pressure and foaming, it makes sure no scratches are formed while cleaning. 


In this article, we talked about various criteria for foam guns and foam cannons. Though foam cannons are more expensive, it is more efficient and safer than foam gun.

We reckon you will now be able to choose the proper cleaning equipment when it comes to foam gun vs foam cannon. Either of them is a better option in their place than using none. So, take into account your requirements and decide the one which goes more properly with your requirements.

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