Can You Use Any Soap In A Foam Cannon – Fact-based Explanation

If you own a foam cannon, you already know how useful it is. But, do you know which type of soap you should use in a foam cannon? More specifically, can you use any soap in a foam cannon?

Well, the simple answer is that you can technically use any soap in a foam cannon. But, you won’t get your desired cleaning efficiency unless you use “specialized” car wash soaps in your foam cannon. It’s because these designated car wash soaps can create extremely thick suds that other types of soap cannot.

But, aside from this fact, car wash soaps have other special features as well that make them the only suitable option for use in a foam cannon. Want to know them in detail? Read this guide till the end.

Can You Use Any Soap In A Foam Cannon? (Detailed Explanation)

Technically speaking, it is possible to use any type of soap solution in a foam cannon. But, a foam cannon is meant to clean your car in the least bit of time. And, you can only do that if you use specialized car wash soaps that are meant to be used in foam cannons.

These designated car wash soaps are different from any other types of soaps in so many ways. That’s why experts always recommend only using car wash soaps in foam cannons.

But, why are ordinary soaps inferior to car wash soaps? Well, it’s because they have the below-mentioned characteristics:

1. Ordinary soaps can’t create thick suds:

As it is have already been indicated above, the suds created by ordinary soap solutions are not as thick as that of car wash soaps. And, since ordinary soap solutions cannot generate suds that are thick enough to remove stubborn contaminants from the car’s surface, they’re not fit to be used in a foam cannon.

You might ask, why can’t ordinary soap solutions create thick suds like car wash soaps? Well, you’ll get the answer to this question in the next subsection.

2. Ordinary soaps are more diluted than car wash soaps:

General soap solutions (or detergents) are sold in an already diluted form. So, when mixed with more water in a foam cannon, they lose their capability to create thick suds.

But, unlike this type of soap solution, car wash soaps come in a highly concentrated form. Thanks to this characteristic, they can still create super thick suds even when mixed with water.

Therefore, when these car wash soaps are applied by a foam cannon, they can easily remove all sorts of contaminants by utilizing their thick layers of suds.

3. General soaps cannot retain their suds for much long:

In addition to the above-mentioned features, ordinary soap solutions have another weakness. Their suds don’t last very long. Yes, the thin layer of suds that is created by applying ordinary soaps gets neutralized very easily when in contact with the atmosphere.

On the other hand, the layer of suds you can create with specialized car wash soaps will stay on the car’s surface for up to 20 minutes. Since the suds of these specialized car soaps can retain themselves for much longer, they can effectively work to remove grease, oil, dust, dirt, and other types of contaminants.

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What Soaps Can You Use In A Foam Cannon?

There are many car wash soap solutions out there in the market that are meant to be used in a foam cannon. However, for your convenience, It is decided to point you toward some of the best ones below.

Here we go:

1. pH neutral soap solutions for foam cannons:

If you care about the durability of your car’s paint, you will have to use pH-neutral soap solutions in your foam cannon. For example, you can use the Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash Soap.

2. Car maintenance shampoo for foam cannons:

If you want a huge amount of suds, you may have to use a car maintenance shampoo in your foam cannon. The specialty of this type of cleaning solution is that they are perfect for cleaning all portions of your car’s surface such as glass, paint, metal, rubber, plastic, vinyl, etc.

A suitable choice as a good quality car maintenance shampoo for you can be the Mr. Pink Super Suds Maintenance Shampoo.

3. Light washing solutions for foam cannons:

In case you don’t want to apply a soap solution on your car that is too strong, you should use light solutions. This type of soap solution is good for use as a pre-washing solution.

However, when using light solutions, you must note that a foam cannon only works upside down. That means, when you spray light car wash solution on your car’s surface with the foam cannon, the suds will only travel downwards. As a result, it won’t reach into the tough carves and deep grooves of your car’s surface.

So, you might have to hand wash your car after applying light washing solutions with a foam cannon.

Now, you might ask, do you hand wash after foam cannon always? Well, if you apply the car wash solution on a daily basis, you don’t always have to hand wash your car.

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it. That was my take on this query, can you use any soap in a foam cannon? To wrap it up, yes, you can use any soap in a foam cannon, but you shouldn’t. It’s because general soap solutions are not well suited to be used in foam cannons.

Have a nice day ahead, and thanks!!!

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