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A broken, torn, or worn-out dashboard can be disappointing, giving your car an old look. Similarly, collecting items on the floor while driving after sliding off the dashboard is irritating. The good news is that you can have all that repaired in seconds and your gadgets held in place using the best adhesive for the car dashboard.

The best adhesive for car dashboard offers a strong and flexible solution to your torn and dented surfaces. These adhesives act as sealants, fillers, glues, or car mounting points. The result looks perfectly new, saving on replacement costs.

This article features the seven best adhesives for your car dashboards, their unique features, our user experience, and the pros and cons of each adhesive.

Product Reviews: Best Adhesive For Car Dashboard

If you do not want to read the whole thing, just read the highlighted features and the pros and cons to get a complete idea of the best adhesive for a car dashboard.

1. Permatex 81781 Ultra Series Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit


  • Includes a heating tool
  • Easy-to-follow illustrated instructions
  • A color matching chart included
  • 7-color compounds
  • Clear color vinyl adhesive

The Permatex adhesive is a professional repair kit containing the necessary equipment to repair your car dashboard. It has an electric heat iron to make pro-style repairs easily. Permatex vinyl is clear, making a strong and virtually invisible repair.

The adhesive sticks well with pressure on the repaired part. Apply heat using the electronic heating iron to dry the adhesive faster.

For the colored boards, the adhesive comes with a 7-color compound to choose from that will suit your original dashboard color. Using the provided metal spatula makes the application easier and less messy.

The color matching chart helps mix the colors to achieve the matching codes with the dashboard. Use the right proportions illustrated in the instructions to get the correct color code.

Permatex has a wide motorcycle and automobile applications on the seats, dashboards, vinyl, and leather upholstery, unlike other adhesives.

Our experience with the product:

Permatex clear vinyl adhesive is one of the strongest adhesives for professional dashboard repairs with a kit packaged with the necessary equipment. However, from experience, mixing the colors to achieve a desirable code is a challenge.


  • Has a complete professional kit for ease of repair.
  • Strong adhesive for repairing tears, holes, and gouges on the dashboard.
  • Has a wide variety of applications on leather seats and vinyl.
  • Relatively affordable price.
  • Easy to apply.


It is highly flammable.

Difficult to mix the colors.

2. Pratley Rubber Repair Black Epoxy Leather Glue – Adhesive Kit For Car Dashboard and Bumper


  • Black color finish.
  • Tough and flexible repair.
  • Easy to apply and spread.
  • Pressure and heat resistance.
  • Compatible with leather, rubber, and plastics.

Pratley rubber repair kit is packaged with essentials to facilitate a smooth repair process. You don’t need a spatula to apply the glue as it is packaged in a tube. All you have to do is squeeze it on the repair parts.

On application, the adhesive sticks easily and dries up faster, saving time. The result is a hardened yet flexible repair. The flexibility allows for expansion without abrading or disengaging upon pressure and heat.

One unique feature is that even if you apply with a rough finish, the result softens as it dries, leaving a smooth and soft repair. The repair matches the dashboard with a black finish virtually invisible.

Due to its high adhesive strength, it is compatible with leather, plastic, and rubber repairs leaving a firm repair. The glue sticks without heating making it easy to apply.

Our experience with the product:

Pratley rubber repair is strong and holds repair parts together flexibly. Its black finish offers a variety of applications with most car dashboards. It also dries up fast with an easy-to-apply manual guide.


  • Dries up fast.
  • Black in color and hence has universal applications.
  • Strong adhesiveness even for hard plastics.
  • Good value for money.
  • Does not abrade or disengage.


Requires skills to apply effectively.

Its black finish restricts it to black dashboards only.

3. Bondo Bumper Repair Kit, 00280 Adhesive Kit For Car Dashboard and Bumper


  • Kit contains a spreader and reinforcing mesh.
  • Durable yet flexible.
  • Versatile as a permanent repair or filler.
  • 2-part epoxy adhesive
  • Creates a fully sandable and paintable surface.

Bondo bumper is a dual adhesive repair that functions as epoxy and a filler glue. It is preferred for filling areas where hard fillers may not provide a permanent fix with enough flexibility.

The kit is packaged with a reinforcing mesh and a spreader to simplify the repairing process of large holes and tears. Being a 2-part epoxy and adhesive, it is easy to apply the glue without causing a mess on unwanted surfaces.

With Bondo adhesive for car dashboards, you don’t require premixing the epoxy and the hardener. The kit operates by pressing on the plunger, and the epoxy and hardener are dispensed in equal proportions.

The result is a strong, flexible surface that is sandable and ready to accept paint. The flexibility allows for a matching blend between the repaired part and the original piece.

Our experience with the product:

Bondo 00280 kit for dashboard repair stands out as one of the best adhesives with a strong yet flexible repair. It acts as epoxy and adhesive with a 2-part dispenser. It doesn’t require premixing as the epoxy and hardener are dispensed simultaneously.


  • Easy to apply with a double dispenser.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • Provides a sandable and paint-ready final surface.
  • Doesn’t require premixing.
  • Dries up fast without heating.



The quantity is small and hence requires several kits,

The kit is single-use only.

4. Permatex 81158 Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant


  • Weather resistant.
  • For exterior or interior use.
  • Seals and insulates.
  • Black silicone adhesive and sealant.
  • Low odor formula.

Repairs on the dashboard got to be better with Permatex black silicone. It easily matches the original piece, forming a flexible yet robust repair. It has a wide application with both exterior and interior repair.

Unlike other brands, this black silicone is weather-resistant. It can be applied to the exterior, where it is exposed to the weather.

You don’t have to worry about the strong pungent adhesives; Permatex glue has a low odor making it user-friendly. Upon application, it dries up faster with a limited curing period with less organic compound emission.

This adhesive acts as a sealant and adhesive. It is suitable for deep seals and fillings where adhesives cannot be used. The package also contains a reinforcing mesh for repairing deep holes and tears.

Our experience with the product:

Permatex black silicone has ultimately found its place in the black repairs. The result is a sandable fine, smooth surface matching well with the original piece. Being an all-weather adhesive, it works even under wet conditions making it a preferred glue.


  • Easy to apply on open surfaces.
  • Perfect for black repairs as compared to white and clear adhesives.
  • Good value for money.
  • It has a low odor and is hence user-friendly.
  • Works well in wet conditions – weather resistant.


Messy to use, especially on pressing the tube.

Comes in small quantities.

5. Rhino Glue Gel, Heavy Duty 40 Gram Clear Adhesive For Car Dashboard


  • Dries up faster.
  • Commercial grade.
  • Instant adhesive.
  • Strong and tougher adhesive.
  • Medium thick gel.
  • Heavy-duty adhesive.

The Rhino glue gel is well known for its instant adhesiveness. It bonds in seconds with a wide range of applications. Rhino glue gel bonds plastics, metal, wood, glass, and fabric.

It creates a strong and tough repair with a flexible finish that matches the original pieces. This adhesive has a tough formula that helps resist impact, shock, moisture, heat, and vibrations. The tough formula contributes to its durability without breaking.

It is a tough formula gel used in heavy-duty applications on motorcycles and automobiles. It is a commercial-grade adhesive that works instantly on virtually any material.

It has an easy-to-apply formula with a guideline manual at the back. Due to its strength, you only need to apply a thin layer and allow for proper curing within 20 minutes.

Our experience with the product:

Rhino glue gel is one of the best adhesives that offer fast-action repair. It dries up fast without heating or pressure application. The result is a clear, smooth surface ready for paint. It comes in a 40-milliliters tube, enough for a repair project.


  • Dries up faster.
  • Instant adhesive that bonds in seconds.
  • A large volume of 40ml is enough for a project.
  • Do not require premixing.
  • It is tough for impacts, moisture, and vibrations.


It sticks on hair and skin and takes time to peel off.


6. K Tool International Q Bond Adhesive Kit


  • 2-Q bond adhesive bottles – 1 black and one gray reinforcing powder.
  • Ultra-strong adhesive.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Repair almost anything.
  • Durable and flexible.

It comes in two bottled reinforcing powders. The metal reinforcing powder with a gray lid bonds metallic parts and gray plastics to a tough connection. On the other hand, the black lid plastic reinforcing powder bonds bumpers and dashboards to a strong fix.

It is well-known for its ultra-strong adhesiveness that bonds within seconds upon contact. The final result is a durable yet flexible surface. The outer surface can be sanded, filed, ground, and ready to receive paint.

It is easy to apply with an easy-to-follow manual at the back. The bottles are designed with a spreading top lid making their application simple. It doesn’t require premixing as the glue acts as a sealant and filler.

Once the repair has cured, the result matches the original part regarding flexibility and texture. It is less messy as the bottles only smear the required amounts of adhesive.

Our experience with the product:

The Q bond adhesive is a fast sealant and bonds within 10 seconds of application. The package has a bottle of plastic and metal reinforcing powders ensuring a strong and flexible bond with almost every material.


  • Creates a strong bond in seconds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Has a wide application with both metals and plastics.
  • Results in an ultra-strong bond that is durable.


Has a strong unpleasant odor.

Difficult to remove if it sticks on your skin and fabrics.

7. AZXYI Very High Bond Sticky Adhesive, 6 Pack Dashboard Pad Mounting Disk


  • 6pcs adhesives for mounting discs.
  • Double-sided stickers adhesives.
  • Very high bond.
  • Clear sticky adhesive.
  • Has VHB adhesive stick-on.

You don’t have to worry about holding your phone and other gadgets while driving. The 6pcs car pad mounting disk adheres perfectly on the dashboard, offering an anchorage point for gadget holding apparatus.

These pads are double-sided with strong glue that sticks the pad onto the dashboard and the top side attached to the phone holder.

The adhesive pads are covered on both sides with a white cover and a red cover on top. It is easy to attach: remove the cover on one side and attach the pad to the dashboard or windscreen. Peel the top side, too, and attach the car mount ready to hold your gadget.

You can cut the pad into smaller pieces and fix them appropriately in limited spaces. When sticking it on a rough and uneven surface, use the VHB adhesive stick-on pad that works best on uneven parts.

The pad sticks strongly with an easy-to-remove strategy involving the use of pressure to peel off the pad. It leaves no mess or glue on the surface hence a preferred adhesive.

Our experience with the product:

This product is more of a sticking adhesive than a repairing glue. It holds phones and other gadgets on the dashboard for ease of operation. The bond is strong and durable, with resistance to vibrations and heat.


  • Has a strong and durable sticking capacity.
  • It is relatively affordable.
  • It can be used on plastic, metallic or ceramic surfaces.
  • Offers anchorage points to hold items while driving.
  • Easy to use and stick on your dashboard.


  • It cannot be used to repair large holes and tears.
  • Not resistant to weather – gets wet, losing the stickiness.

How We Have Selected The Top Seven Adhesive For Car Dashboards Out Of Many

To develop the top seven adhesives for car dashboards, we checked on several factors: ease of use, aesthetic strength, durability, and brand. We believe that the best adhesive for a car dashboard should be able to offer a strong and durable solution at the lowest cost possible.

To back our evaluation, every product has been cross-examined against the following elements.

User experience

We have extensively relied on our client’s experience with the products and our own experience to develop the best adhesives for car dashboards.

Through reviews and client feedback on their experience with the products, we selected the products that offered quality services for a long time.


We have checked on the benefits of each product and listed the outstanding unique pros for each. The seven adhesives have beneficial attributes that go hand in hand in ensuring quality service.


To avoid client complaints and negative feedback, we checked the negative aspects of each product. The aim was to pick the products with the least drawbacks or none.

The drawbacks are minimal and don’t affect the quality and performance of these products.


The brand is a very key element in helping choose the best adhesives. We picked our list from companies with a good reputation and the best customer reviews on their products.

The listed products hail from brands that are well-known for the manufacturing of high-quality and affordable adhesives.

Ease of use

Every product has been cross-checked to ensure they have one of the simplest application mechanisms. The products have an easy-to-follow manual guide at the back to assist users during application.


Price is one of the key elements we evaluated to help come up with the top seven adhesives for car dashboards.

We selected high-quality products that are within the affordable range. All these products are pocket-friendly and meet the standards for the value of money.


We selected products that are multipurpose with a variety of applications. Most of them can be used to bond and easily stick to almost any material. This is to ensure that you can also use it to repair your household items.

With these products, you don’t need to purchase another adhesive for general-purpose repairs.

Why You Should Trust Us

The best service is one that is provided with trust and confidence. We have built our relationship on strong trust pillars to ensure that we offer the best services in the market today.

Here is why you should trust us to deliver the best adhesive for car dashboards.

  1. We offer services after thorough research on the main intentions of the client’s demand. The research is based on facts and is meant to provide the necessary information.
  2. We focus on providing timely and convenient services and products that are up to date.
  3. Our goal is to provide reliable and honest information based on the available resources.
  4. We have also ensured that these products are original and meet the set quality mark criteria in the industry.

The above best adhesives for car dashboards are trustworthy as they have been selected and reviewed under the best criteria. These products meet quality standards for use on your car dashboard without causing harm to it.

To build on trust between the consumers of our content and us, we ensure a free flow of communication where you can deliver your complaints and compliments.

How to Apply Safe Adhesive for Car Dashboard

With the right adhesive for your dashboard, you now need to know how to apply it to your car dashboard. The application should not be messy or scattered all over the dashboard.

On application, follow these simple steps for best results.

Step 1 – Clean the surfaces.

Clean the surfaces on which the adhesive is to be applied. The adhesive sticks and bonds better on a clean, dry surface.

Dust and grease reduce the strength affecting its durability.

Step2 – Dry the parts/surfaces.

After cleaning, dry the surface with a dry cloth or leave it sun dry for about 30 minutes. Ensure no water is left on the surface.

Step 3 – Apply the glue.

Apply the adhesive on the broken part and hold still till it dries up. The drying and curing period may differ from one adhesive to another.

Sand or file the excess glue and paint where necessary.

Characteristics and Benefits of Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are structural adhesives that undergo a chemical reaction from a liquid reactive polymer to form a strong bond.

They are composed of epoxy resins from an epoxide and a polyamine hardener. They are available as one or two-component systems.

The one-components are sold as pastes for filling cracks and gaps for repair.

Two-component epoxies have to be mixed on an application for a stronger bond. Their curing time varies from one variety to another.

These epoxies are beneficial in bonding various materials, including metals, plastics, wood, and glass. Epoxy adhesives are preferred for fast-curing either under heat or at room temperature.


Below are frequently asked questions to help understand the working principle of car dashboard adhesives.

How much is the best car dashboard adhesive?

The best adhesive depends on one preference and budget. However, the best car dashboard adhesive is the one that will serve the intended purpose at the least cost.

How much does the best car dashboard adhesive cost?

Dashboard adhesives have varying prices based on quantity and quality. However, the prices range from $20-$200 in the market for the best adhesives.

Is it time to get a new best car dashboard adhesive?

If your previous adhesive is worn out and has lost its strength, it is probably the best time to purchase a new car dashboard adhesive and replace it.

Can I use my dashboard adhesive to repair household items?

Yes. Some of these car adhesives can be used to repair pipes and other items in the house. However, check the guide manual to ascertain its use.

How can I clean car dashboard adhesives on my skin?

Cleaning these messes depends on the type of glue. Generally, use warm water with detergents to scrub off the glue immediately after you get in contact with it.

Are car adhesives harmful when inhaled?

Yes. Avoid inhaling these adhesives as they may cause hallucinations from their chemical compositions. If inhaled, seek some fresh air to breathe. Use protective gear while using them.

What should I do if the glue gets in contact with the eyes?

Car adhesives are harmful to our eyes. Splash a lot of clean running water until the itching is over. Do not rub your eyes, as that will worsen the situation.

Where can I get the best car dashboard adhesive?

You can find these products in the local market retailers dealing with car accessories. You can also check up on their official websites for online purchases. Ensure you order the right product for your intended purpose.

Final Thoughts

With the best adhesive for car dashboard, you can enjoy a smooth ride without worrying about your items sliding and falling off the dashboard. These adhesives offer the best and most durable fixes for repairs on the torn and worn-out parts of your car.

Follow the guidelines during application to avoid causing a mess, as some of the adhesives are difficult to clean. Wear protective gloves and goggles to prevent coming into contact with the glue.

In case of a mess on your skin and eyes, be quick to clean it up with running water before it dries up.

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