Is It Illegal To Drive Without Doors On Your Car

Vehicles without doors always have a luxury vibe. While we are ready to get a doorless vehicle and take it on a spin, we often come up with the question, is it illegal to drive without doors on your car.

You would be caught and charged if you jumped right on the road after simply removing the doors from your vehicle. Simple customization, on the other hand, might bring your car inside the rules and so save you from driving illegally.

Furthermore, not breaking the law and driving your doorless car isn’t tough. By following some basic things in driving, you can legally use it without worry. How? Let us explain.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Removing Car Doors

Before we go into whether it’s legal or not, consider why you would want to remove car doors in the first place. You could have a purpose in mind, such as the idea that it will make your car appear more exquisite and aggressive. Nonetheless, everything has advantages and disadvantages, which we will examine today.

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks can aid you in deciding whether or not to remove your vehicle door. Furthermore, allow you to weigh them on a balancing scale to see whether you are okay with their drawbacks or not.

Let’s have a look!


The first benefit of eliminating the doors is the shift in aesthetics. Your automobile would be the most fashionable on the road and would also have a strong appeal.

Vehicle doors are bulky, weighing roughly 150 pounds apiece, which is a lot for your engine to carry. On the other hand, a car without doors would carry less weight and so improve fuel economy by a ton.

Lastly, driving with your doors removed gives the sensational experience we all are looking for. On the highway, an off-road experience is something to treasure


If you remove the doors from your everyday vehicle, you will experience significant security issues. Because your vehicle will be open to everyone owing to the lack of a lock, you will be unable to store your valuables in it. Furthermore, if you live in a high-risk region, your car is more likely to be stolen.

The most crucial drawback to think about is your safety. Some cars also feature airbags on the sides, which are linked to the door. You will have two fewer airbags if you remove the doors.

It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not; the cops will undoubtedly stop you for driving without a door and question you about why you did so.

Is It Illegal To Drive Without Doors On Your Car

Is It Illegal To Drive Without Doors On Your Car

Coming to the main question of whether removing doors on your car is legal or not, it entirely depends on your car’s structure and where you live.

Most places in the world don’t even care if you have doors or not, but they do care about one thing, and that is the side mirrors. If you can retain your side mirrors while also being able to remove the doors of your vehicles, then you are free to drive without any fear. Off-Roading jeeps are a great example of driving without doors being legal.

Why Does Mirrors Play A Big Part In Its Legalization

rear view mirror

When you are off-roading, you probably have seen some jeeps that are doorless drifting freely without any charges. However, you will notice one thing common in each of them.

As a driver, you should have already realized that a mirror on the driver’s side is an important one to keep you safe from accidents. Moreover, this includes each mirror that is installed in the car. They are there for a reason, and it is to give you a vision on every side and keep you safe. That’s why officers mind when you don’t have them.

Problem For Most Vehicles

The only problem you will face while removing your doors is that all the mirrors are attached to the doors. As a result, removing those doors will lead you to no mirror at all.

Now it doesn’t matter where you live; driving without mirrors is illegal everywhere. No country or state would want its citizens to drive in a hazardous way to other citizens. It’s not the door that matters but the mirrors that are attached to the doors.

Removing Doors While Retaining Mirrors

The is a loophole here. If you can manage to install side mirrors without any linkage to doors, then you are free to drive. Moreover, there is plenty of ways that are available that can help you to do that so. And yes, the common thing in doorless jeeps is that they have mirrors installed in other ways that don’t affect whether it has doors.

So the best bet you would like to make here is to check your state’s law. Knowing how many mirrors you need to have on your car before hitting the road will lead you to legal doorless driving.

However, even if you are obeying the regulations, authorities will likely stop you because they want to make sure you and your vehicle are in good working order.

What Vehicles Can You Take The Doors Off

Mercedes-Benz G500 Landaulet

If you are looking for a vehicle with built-in removable doors, those types of vehicles are generally called off-roading jeeps. The Mercedes-Benz G500 Landaulet and the 2020 Ford Bronco are two great examples of it.

On the other hand, driving without doors that aren’t built-in detachable doors can be difficult. Yes, there are ways to do so, but they will cost you money and time. Nevertheless, if you haven’t gotten yours yet, purchasing one with removable doors is a wise decision.

Is It Safe To Drive Cars Without Doors?

We have all seen a car with no doors or roof that gives us the chills simply thinking about taking it for a drive. Although your instincts make you worry if

driving a car without a door is genuinely safe. Moreover, are the vehicle companies so ignorant to provide us with cars that aren’t even safe?

To begin with, manufacturers aren’t that naive to hand out dangerous automobiles to the general people. Also, the law is in place to take action against automobile manufacturers. No company would dare to remove any safety features from cars without doors or roofs; thus, sure, no company would attempt to do so.

However, you will have to be much more cautious with them than you would with a car with doors. Some minor precautions include keeping your hands and feet within the boundary and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles.


To conclude, the answer to is it illegal to drive without doors on your car is a no. You can certainly drive your doorless vehicle on the road without any worry of getting charged as long as you are aware of the laws.

Most importantly, if you follow the minimum number of side mirrors on your vehicle, then there wouldn’t be anything to worry about.

However, driving a doorless vehicle does come with some specific precautions that you wouldn’t have to follow with one with doors. Yet, the extra mileage and the adventurous ride are worth fighting for.

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