Single Stage Vs Two Stage Paint : Know The Practical Differences

Single Stage Vs Two Stage Paint

The appearance of your vehicle is dependent mainly on the painting of its outer surface. Choosing a suitable method between the single stage vs two stage paint for your vehicle is the key to having the desired finish. Single-stage paint technique will have your vehicle painted within a short time, leaving your car looking good. … Read more

How to Wash Car Wax Rags To Maintain Their Absorbency for Longer

How to Wash Car Wax Rags

Car wax rags are essential items that you can’t do without. They are great for wiping glass, polished surfaces, and cleaning other parts of the vehicle. They get exposed to polishes, ceramic coatings, sealants, waxes, detailers, grease, and grime. So, maintenance of these rags is a big concern. Knowing how to wash car wax rags … Read more